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@Eco-alex set up a meditation challenge for the SpiritWeb community - Details here

Meditate for at least 15 minutes every day for one week and write about your experience.

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Although I never set aside seven separate days I will write on my meditations that I do regularly every morning. For this is my norm and how I like to start my day!

I had set up a Vipassana meditation practice years ago and rarely miss a day. One thing I did notice during the first part of the pandemic and all the measures being put in place, I felt such a heaviness that I had to break through. This only lasted for the first week or so but now I seem to have more acceptance. I change what is in my power and have accepted that life as I knew it will no longer be. There was sort of a grieving that I felt with the sudden changes and losses.

My mindset when all this came about was already into preparing for a major change as I had only one year of work left before I retire so I was looking at this as a warm up for my retirement!

I regress, let's get back to the meditation sessions.

When I sit to meditate I set an intention. Something like this -

May I continue on the path of awakening, be released from Dukkha, know anicca and experience Nabbanic peace, tranquility and joy!

I settle myself in using Anapana (focusing on the breathing), starting with some conscious breathing. Some days it's easier to connect and follow the natural flow of my breath, other days if there has been something on my mind or certain feeling have arisen, my mind turns to that and I have to pull it back or release a feeling. I try to address things as they happen so there isn't a build up and since this is my morning meditation session most things would have been dealt with the night before, before I go to sleep.

I like to have my meditation session right at the beginning of my day, straight from awakening and having my morning get up and going routine, then off into the meditation studio without any interaction with the outside world. The studio is separate from the main house and all the distractions there.

If I have any realizations I may purposely bring them up. Like I want to live to my greatest potential and what that entails. This pulls me deeper into the meditation.

If my mind is wandering too much and I am not focused I may give a deep OM. A little technique I picked up after reading a post from @julianhorack about frequencies we resonate with. This seems to bring me back and helps me to drop some of the thoughts or feeling, let them fall away. this also gets me tuned in to listening - just pure listening for all that is going on within - the inner music! I will usually change from focusing on my breath to focusing on Annica through the changing sensations of the body. When I can see things coming into being and passing away I can see Anatta. It is really fascinating to see the energies come into being. You are just being!

Sometimes if I am working on something and ideas start flowing I allow them to flow but that is an exception and not really what my meditation sessions are for.

I end the sessions expressing that I may continue on the path of awakening, experiencing Nibbanic peace, tranquility and joy to share with all those around me, my family, their family and their families, friends, neighbors, colleagues with a wish that we all may be happy and peaceful, benefiting from the Buddha Dhamma, live healthy prosperous lives and that peace and harmony may prevail in this world!

Some of the terms I used here may be kind of foreign to you like anicca, dukkha and anatta. The Dhammadana Org. has a good write up on these here
They write:

All that exists in the universe is subject to three characteristics:

And go on to clarify about each.

That is my daily meditations and I am forever grateful that I have this meditation practice to fall back on and to keep me on the path!

Love and Peace to you all!

If you want to join into the Meditation Challenge here is the guidelines and a recommended meditation shared by @Eco-alex

Challenge Guidelines

You may choose any style of kind of meditation
You should meditate for at least 15 minutes each day
Post once at the end of your challenge, or every day, and tell us all how it went!
In your post, let us know if you will continue the challenge for another week ;-)
Copy These Guidelines and the Recommended Meditation in your post.
Nominate one person to do the challenge
Please Re-Blog this post to encourage others!
You may start this at anytime. This challenge continue indefinitely!
Post to the Spiritweb Community:

Recommended Meditation For Beginners

If you have another way to meditate then please do go with it. You can also share how you meditate with us in the SpiritWeb Community.
How To Start Meditating

It is best to meditate in the morning, when there are least distractions. You can meditate anywhere you like, so just choose a place that you have some privacy, quiet and you are comfotrable.. Wherever you choose, try to mediate in the same place each day. This builds up familiarity, and also builds up the energy so that you can more easily slip into it as you practice. It's usually a good idea to use a timer to count the minutes for you, and that way you have a clear goal and will likely meditate for more than 2 minutes.

Now simply close your eyes slowly, and breath in and out as you normally do. You don't need to try to change your breath or do anything differently, but instead just observe it and notice that you are indeed breathing. Notice the weight of your body, and if you are sitting straight or not. Try to sit as straight as you can and cross your legs if possible. You can also sit on a chair if you are not comfortable on the floor, that works just fine too! Whilst you are noticing your body and posture you will no doubt have thoughts coming to your mind. Let them come. Then let them go and remind yourself that for the next 15 minutes you are going to let these thoughts go. This is your time, so tell yourself that these thoughts can wait a few minutes. Come straight back to your awareness of your breathing, and continue. New thoughts may come VERY quickly, and that is normal and totally OK. Just do the same thing each time. There is NO need to get frustrated or angry when they come, because you are not trying to stop them. You are NOT doing it wrong! What you may notice is that the time between thoughts gets longer quite naturally, or the effect of them on your feelings reduces. You MAY find quite the opposite too, and feel even more tense because you are not distracting yourself from them.

After 15 minutes are up, you can open your eyes and get on with your day. I OFTEN have some brilliant ideas pop into my head either during or just after meditating, and I don't even have to try! Even if I don't have a brainwave, I feel SO much more relaxed and able to take on the challenges of the day in a positive and productive manner.

If you want to feel good whatever is going on, meditate!
Have an Amazing Day!

Hey @riverflows have you done this challenge yet?

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