Ethiopia Beckons (A Reasoning) 🛫 Trying To Escape Suriname During COVID-19

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We've been stranded for nearly two years, but it finally looks like there is a chance this family may have found a place to recreate the life we once had in Cambodia.

Is Zion In Our Near Future?

Our family hardship started more than three years ago when we discovered that Cambodia wouldn't grant us the right to marry, so we decided to do it abroad. Cambodia does recognize foreign marriages, so we had planned to return after getting married in Ecuador.

We chose Ecuador for the visa-on-arrival for Cambodian citizens as well as its proximity to the USA, where my mother and father had both promised they would fly down to meet my Cambodian family. They never came and we weren't able to sort out paperwork in the 90 days we had available to us in Ecuador.

After our immigration lawyer in Ecuador scammed us, we chose to flee Ecuador to avoid becoming illegal aliens, and that is how we arrived in Suriname, where the economy collapsed shortly after our arrival, then the pandemic followed in its wake, a bit of a perfect storm.

With borders closed around the world, the hardship here has become nearly unbearable, but as far as I can tell, Zion itself has its doors open to us at this time. In Ethiopia we could purchase a Bajaj RE and try our best to recreate the simple and social life we once lived.

This experience has caused great mental health problems for the whole family, and we just seek to live somewhere where we have a chance to be a successful family, and I can't imagine a better place than I-thiopia. The E-visa appears quite easy for Cambodians, so we will be making a decision in the next month.

Stay tuned and bless-ed love!!


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It rough Rasta but give thanks that you guys still together as a family.

Damn! Only 600,000 people😳 ! Never realized that.

Gotta love those interactions with strangers, I’m surprised that’s not common in Suriname, or is that just where you at?
Japan can be the same way but still some interactions if you initiate or come across a old timer.

No street vendors in a Caribbean / South American country ? Dats rich 😂

Ethiopia have the doors open, you won’t know till you try. But that’s a big move but then you are used to a big move so there is nothing to lose the way I see it.

If the doors were open to you and your fam in the states now, would you go?

Yeh, people say the life here 30-40 years ago was a lot more social, and a lot more people worked from home plying their skills in front of their house. Apparently this way of life is more or less dead, and has been that way for at least 20 years or so.

Even Jamaica is quite inconvenient when it comes to certain things. I remember when I told Priest Brown on Bobo Hill how much I miss drinking coconuts every day, and he reminded me Jamaica has everything and is super easy. We then proceeded to hike down Bobo Hill, catch a bus to town, walked for a half hour, only to drink a piping hot coconut laying in the sun........Jamaica fail.

I have heard good things about I-thiopia, of course only from people who have been there though. There is still a negative misconception that both black and white have that it's full of people starving people. Just like all the people say bad things about "dangerous Haiti," but violent crime in Jamaica and the USVI is way more prevalent, although not many folks seem intimidated to visit both places.

I really do feel Zion is calling, and I've always been drawn to Ethiopian Orthodox much more than the Rastafari. If the door would open to the USA, I couldn't refuse it because those passports would change our lives. However, that window of hope has mostly faded, and now we just seek to be a happy family and eat good food, make friends, and get back to a social way of living.

The negative mental health effects of our time here in Suriname are starting to outweigh the potential gains of placing ourselves in the western hemisphere. We could still immigrate to the USA from I-thiopia though, as the US Embassy if fully functioning there, unlike here. Plus if things don't work out, only $400 for direct flights to Bangkok from Addis.

Bless up brother!


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This is such a heartbreaking situation. I think it will lead to something great even though the world is upside down. You and your family are legends. I admire your strength and courage so much and the kids are like strong young branches bending in the wind but never breaking.

Good luck with everything. I send you great wishes and hugs from Canada.

What kind words, and I do agree with you. Although I often realize my family can't understand why we've gone abroad, especially Pov, hopefully she will see when the girls are 18 years old, how formative the experience has been. Given we intended to go abroad to get married and potentially reopen our restaurant, and everything that could've went wrong did, it is also an important life lesson in how important it is to be stand firm in the face of impossible odds. Good vibes flowing up north to you.... !ENGAGE 35

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Oh my goddess it sounds so much pain in the butt to go through all the different government rules of different countries and dealing with evil heartless individuals... I really hope all the best turn out soon for your family. You guys are such beautiful incredible human beings I am very fortunate to meet on here. You guys deserve the best and I’m sure it will come soon 🙏🏻

Thank you for the kind words, and yes, we hope to find our home one day, wherever it may be. One thing is for sure, it will never be Suriname no matter how many years we end up staying here. Sending you and your family good vibes from the other end of this continent. !ENGAGE 35

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Ethiopia really opened up recently. My wife had a lot of trouble going there at one point, and then all of a sudden we could get visa on arrival. I've spent quite a bit of time in and around Addis, so I might be able to get you a trustworthy contact there if you need one.

I will keep this all in mind. Of course we nearly made it once before, but the circumstances didn't fully align. With hopes of US immigration more or less dead, we now seek to just be happy and recreate a social life like we once had. That's just not possible in Suriname because the culture is fully western, too many fences and closed doors between human beings. Bless up brother! !ENGAGE 25

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