I-shence Delivery 💨 Before Full-On Lockdown 🔒

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Things just got a little worse in Suriname recently, supposedly due to a rise in COVID-19 cases, but I suspect political reasons.

Suriname Just Imposed Total Lockdown

   The borders have been closed for months, there are nothing but repatriation flights out of Suriname, and we have effectively been stranded because we are a mixed nationality family in the process of trying to get legally married.

   Things just got way worse a few days ago when the curfew was changed from 8pm to 6pm, and now full lockdown has been imposed. We are no longer legally allowed to be in the provinces bordering French Guiana (the EU), which is a strange coincidence with a potential civil war looming.

rumors of a full lockdown brewing and all the locals raced to buy up all of the produce

   Only necessary trips to buy bare necessities are pemitted, and the police have the right to stop and interrogate anyone about their movements. I can't help but see this as a last-ditch effort for the government to hang onto power.

   Supposedly this full lockdown is only meant to last until the 12th of June, but I suspect it will be extended just as every other measure has. I must admit it's getting harder and harder to stay optimistic.

Stock Up On Herbs

   Sensing a shift in the vibes of Suriname, @Sreypov and I decided to walk around the neighborhood to see how Surinamers are behaving. It wasn't very promising at all; there were queues for 30 minutes at all the shops in our neighborhood.

   This new wave of panic and instability caused us to have some realizations that we may have to survive like real Cambodians very soon. We decided it best to head back home and regroup, call the herb man, stock up on I-shence, and I-ditate upon our next movements.

luckily the herbman accepts the new monopoly money, can't wait to see what's inside

   Luckliy the herbman is still in business, and he accepts the newly and cheaply designed monopoly money Suriname has been printing since economic collapse.

   A random honk outside our gate delivered us a much-needed surprise in the wake of this new wave of panic. At least one Rasta is looking out for our family down here, and he stopped by to let us know things are about to get worse, and it's best to stock up on all items.

Our Plight

   A few months ago, many of you that follow my blog know that Suriname descended into economic collapse just before the arrival of COVID-19. Things were recently beginning to improve, and we even received $200 USD via Western Union, something impossible not long ago.

   We had planned to go to the Centraal Bureau voor Burgerzaken this week, but that's been dashed since a new wave of panic ripped through the country. Supposedly this panic is all due to 10 new COVID-19 cases, but it's been here for months and months, and each increased restriction on human movement coincides with Suriname political developments.

@Sreypov outside the US Embassy 3-4 months ago one day before it closed

   We stopped communicating with the US Emabssy several months ago after they let us know we are on our own here. This month the trial of President Bouterse was set to begin for the December Murders, where several dissidents were executed in 1982, and Bouterse is suspected to have ordered these executions.

   He now has clearly lost the elections, but refuses to step down from power, creating confusion over who is actually president. As long as he is acting president, he enjoys diplomatic immunity from any potential prison sentence he may receive from the murder trial. It's hard to imagine things improving any time soon.

Babylon Burning

   As all these troubles consume us in Suriname, it's coincided with the burning and looting in the USA, my former home. It seems the whole world is turning upside down this 2020, where I am witnessing the whole world divided in 2.

   In this uncertain time, sometimes the best the thing to do is grab a book, hit the hammock, roll a spliff and reason with I-self.

mystery revealed, some organic Jammie (Jamaican) as it's known here

   We have herbs, all the cassava and moringa leaves we could ever eat, and plenty of unpicked noni trees in the neighborhood, so we will surely subsist.

   I am reminded now of the Enochian wisdom that even make-believe is a manifestation, so I close my eyes and envision the changes I want to see in the world.

The Jammie

   Spliff built, I-tal meal with the family, then the mind is ready for I-shence, I-ditation and I-ntrospection. Rough times are ahead, but we have a pretty hardcore gang of survivors within the Khmerican Family Abroad.

   @Sreypov and I certainly have a difficult talk ahead of us tonight about how to best handle the new hardship here, but our determination hasn't faltered for a moment.

   We've been here so long now, all of her documents from Cambodia have expired, so we don't even have a longshot of immigration to the United States, or anywhere else for that matter.


   If things can just calm down here for a week or two, we can have a chance to meet with the government and ask for permission to get married and finish the residency visa for our daughters.

   If we can get these things, we can then obtain up-to-date Suriname criminal background checks and marriage papers, allowing us to transition to another country when the time is right.

   Stay safe my fellow Hivers, and take care of your loved ones. Staying strong in Suriname....


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Just when I was feeling sorry for us here in Montreal I hear your story and realize some people have it worse. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and your lovely talented family.

We will keep pushing no matter what. It seems lately it's one step forward and two steps back, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for the kind works @carolynstahl.

Wow, you're going the opposite way? Over here, the lockdown has just ended and most of us are starting to return to our jobs, after two months of staying home...

Good luck for you guys. Hope everything returns to normal soon.

I really suspect it's 100% political reasons, but of course the government can't say that. I just think we are in for a rough ride until the opposition takes power or the president steps down. Politricks again...

100% political worldwide... free people gotta "take over" peaceful but smart and superior.
Bless Up

In this uncertain time, sometimes the best the thing to do is grab a book, hit the hammock, roll a spliff and reason with I-self.

Yes indeed! And that book you are reading looks like I should have gotten a copy ages ago ( I will get it for sure). The herbs look real ital man,the hybrid stuff not so good when it come on to reading but this look like the right vibes.

What a situation over there , 10 new cases and a lock down? Yeah that sound like a power move fi real. One thing is for sure though, mi nah worry bout you and the fam, unu well protected and guided by the creator. Mi a pray up fi unu. Things ago work out in unu favor! JAH ALONE 🙏

We certainly need a selfless world leader like H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I in these times. Bouterse has got to keep power to keep his diplomatic immunity. If he steps down he can go to prison for the December 1982 executions.

In the meantime, we are in full lockdown and I've just learned the Chinese shops don't fully understand Dutch. I waited in line for 45 minutes to buy salt, but things not set up like Jamaica here, ya know where you stand outside the shop and purchase through the bars.

Here the shops are designed for the customer to go inside, but now the bars are closed and the cash register is on the other side. After our 45 minute wait, the Venezuelan girls behind us were curious to see if we could get what we wanted.

We tried first: "Ik wil graag zout," no succes; "Yo necesito sal," no success; "Mi waan lickle salt eh'," no success; then went home empty-handed. There are just too many people in the queues, and if you start wasting too much time everybody gets Jamaican aggressive.

So I just learned the Chinese shops all speak Sranang Tongo because there is a Chinese organization that teaches new arrivals. I asked my landlord's son how to say "I want some salt" in Sranang Tongo, and he said "Mi wani sowtu wan paki."

Patois just don't work here, Jamaicans would get a kick from it. "Waan" is really understood as the number 1 here, whereas "wani" is "to want." I've got so much to learn to start understanding more Sranang, but my Jamaican patois only helps me understand 15% of it. Such a challenge, but one we will endure.

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Thanks as always @pinmapple.

Awesome! you are welcome @justinparke ❤️
cheers, liz

Hang in there brother. We are rooting for you! I have only known you a short time, and from what I have gathered is your a strong hearted man. Much love and I hope your situation Changes as soon as possible.

I hope things change soon too, and I guess until then we need to stop studying Dutch and start working on Sranang Tongo a bit more if we're gonna negotiate for items through the window now. Thanks for the positive vibes my friend. More time...

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So how are you guys staying at Suriname now? On a tourist visa?

@Sreypov and I have our 2-year residency visas, but things fell apart here before the kiddos could get their visas. As of now, our Cambodian paperwork (criminal checks, freedom-to-marry documents, etc.) is too old to be used for immigration to another country.

It's really up to Suriname to save us now. We've been abroad too long. I can't legally return to Cambodia as long as Americans are banned, and we can't go the USA because I don't have the means to sponsor us. The borders are closed and plane tickets are so expensive, and we've lost our life savings, so the future is unknown.

One positive thing is our life savings was very small, onyy a few thousand dollars. It's slowly being replaced with HIVE, so I hope the blockchain stays stable because it's one of our few streams of income.

Our main aim for the future is to get to a cheaper country so that we can stretch our dollar further. Even though Suriname would be shockingly poor to most people, it's quite a wealthy, developed and expensive country for us, so we would rather be in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Georgia or anywhere else where our fixed income would go much further.

One thing is for sure, things are unstable everywhere, and we've figured out how to keep our heads above water here, so maybe we should give thanks for what we have and stay put. Some people have lost everything because of COVID-19, even the roof over their heads. I think we are doing good to break even every month and have zero life savings, considering we are basically in a Great Depression.

Stay safe @LivingUKTaiwan, and thanks for the #HPUD prize.

"There is so much trouble in the world. And all you gotta do is
give a little,
take a little,
give a little,
one more time"

~ Bob Nesta Marley

Stay safe and be blessed. 😁

So much trouble sometimes you gotta sneak out at night and steal a papaya from the tree, although nobody has written a tune about that one yet.

Bless up @InALittleWhile!!


Rasta know... nice of him to stop by with blessings. You're fortunate to have a strong one like @sreypov to accompany you on the journey of life. Let's hope Babylon can right itself long enough for you to get your needed documents and get out. Those nice herbs look like what we used to receive back in the day in DC :) Bless up and hope to see you all over on this side soon...

I can't complain about my fresh Suriname brick weed, at least I know it's natural unlike many things people are smoking.

Yeah, JAH-willing a path will open when the time is right, bless up @chrisinphuket.