Religious Hardtalk With Ian Boyne 🎙️ A Jamaican Treasure

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You likely have never even heard of "Religious Hardtalk" or Ian Boyne unless you're a true Jamaican.

There are plenty of reasons you should take a minute to learn a little more about this Jamaican media legend.

🖤💛💚 IAN BOYNE 💚💛🖤

Ian Boyne   (1957-2017)
Journalist - 30+ years experience
Deputy CEO - Jamaica Information Service
Columnist - Jamaica Gleaner
Host - "Profile" Television Jamaica
Host - "Religious Hardtalk" Television Jamaica

Prime Minister Andrew Holness (left) with Ian Boyne

     Ian Boyne was beloved by many Jamaicans, and has commanded the respect and admiration of both celebrities and politicians.

     His various works have contributed much to Jamaican cultural history. He was known for being opinionated but fair, a strange paradox he somehow gracefully blended in "Religious Hardtalk."

     He is most well-known for the "Profile" seasonal series on Television Jamaica, where he interviewed people with amazing stories.


     In my opinion, Religious Hardtalk is Ian Boyne's best, but also most controversial project. I don't know why the show hasn't gained more international respect and viewership.

     Even though the show was intended for a primarily Jamaican audience, the conversations and debates held on this show were internationally valuable, and still relevant.

     For you Americans familiar with the Joe Rogan Podcast and the weight it carries within the USA, Ian Boyne held a similar place in Jamaican popular culture.

     Most notably were appearances by controversial dub-poet Mutabaruka, a famous outspoken barefoot enthusiast Rastafarian. Muta and Boyne always clashed, but in a non-hostile and intelligent way, making for good viewing.

     The show's namesake, "Religious Hardtalk," very much describes the content of the show. Mr. Boyne always had well-thought-out and hard-hitting questions for the guests, who came from various backgrounds, religions, movements and spiritualites.

     Boyne never shied away from critiquing an answer he felt didn't satisfy his intellect. I still watch reruns of "Religious Hardtalk" to this day due to the program's no-gimmick approach.

     Even as a devout Christian, Boyne didn't hesitate to ask fellow Christians the same hard-hitting intelligent questions as he asked other guest from different faiths, and that's an increasingly rare type of practitioner within Christianity.

     Below I've placed some clips and shows from various guest's appearances on the program. They are all worth a short view if you want to get a feel for this man's character and intellect.

     In conclusion, I really feel this show should command more international respect, and I hope you fellow Hivers can gain something from viewing some episodes of this show, especially if you've exhausted everything Netflix has to offer during your COVID-19 lockdown.



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I don't like religion... at all. For thousands of years, the only thing religion has done well was... dividing people and making them fight each other.

Nowadays, I prefer to ignore religious stuff. 🙄

Thanks for stopping by @trincowski! I personally don't practice a "religion" myself, but I live in a world ran by them, so I do my best to stay educated on the various tenants.

Ian Boyne, even though a practicioner of a religion, certainly worked to bring communities and people together. His interviews with the Rastafarian community are classics! He always got Muta red-hot on the program, but all in good fun.

I did that when I was younger... but discussing religion with religious people was not making me any good. I was always fighting over the Bible, the Torah and the Quran with online people I don't even know. At certain point I asked myself: what for?

Now I just don't care.

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Wow, that is very fast and a lot.

A lot of what Srey Yuu?

That Muta and Pastor Clinton discussion is a classic . Is funny how everybody thinks they know the truth like they were there. None the less good discussion. I wonder what would happen if we write a book about a new religion, 1,000s of years from now it could be “the religion”.

Ye, when Muta and him get to talkin bout' geographical history, Kemet, Abyssinia, the Beta Israel, etc., things get heated. "The religion" you speak of will probably be Mormonism, they are the most dedicated at seeking new members.

Even here in Suriname, American Mormons were the first non-South American or Caribbean faces I saw.