Chive Up My Life 🌿

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My harvest today.

Remember what I had said in my previous post about succulents, that I don't consider myself having any green fingers? What I didn't mention was my experience with chives. I wouldn't know why I forgot to mention those. Probably because chives also fall into the category "easy to maintain".

Last year I had started with the growing of those plants. It all began with the preparing of a dish of which chives were also a key ingredient. Back then we only used chives bought at the market or from the store. That day, when cutting up the chives into pieces, @rarej and I had wondered how the chives would fare if we tried growing them ourselves. I cut out all of the roots and just put those roots into some flowering pots filled with some soil, put them in a spot where they would get some sunlight and watered them from time to time. Before we knew it those plants began to sprout and were growing faster than I would have imagined. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of that process; I wasn't part of the Hive community yet 🙈

But it made me so proud and gave me the feeling of being able to grow something and maintain it. And what a wonderful feeling if you could use something, that you've grown yourself. Besides, chives are so versatile, you could use them in almost any dish. We use chives in soups, fried rice, egg recipes, as garnish, in fish and chicken and other meat recipes.

Since then we use the chives grown by us. We harvest, wash them, remove the roots, cook with them and place the roots in flowering pots, and the process starts again. Now we're wondering what to try next? Garlic, onions, ginger? Any experience with any of those

That's it for today.

Chasse into the backstage! 💃


It must be a good feeling indeed! And the money you save can go o other things.
I am looking forward to actually own a house with land, ( not very common in Japan, most only own a drive and a mini mini lot). I miss the real yards/gardens of the Caribbean, mango tree, ackee, banana , apple, lemon.... the real riches.

You are far away from home son! Which part of japan you at?

Yeah! It was a spontaneous move that lasted more than a decade. I am in the Kanto region in the lush countryside called Gunma

I seem to come across more people experiencing that same miracle of staying put outside of their own country of origin :)
How is the japanese language going for ya?

There are times I do get kinda homesick but nothing a trip back home won't cure. Was supposed to be there now but canceled because of the roniz.

Pretty decent speaking but the kanji needs a lot of work. I used to study a lot but went through a "fvck this Shvt" phase and never really got back on it.

Sounds nice. I will look it up online.
Funny how you say "a spontaneous move that lasted more than a decade". That's how things usually go huh

Trust me! Never in a million years did I think I'd be living here nor did I even have intertwine to visit. But sometimes life happens.

I get that.
A lot in my life hasn't gone the way I had thought or had planned, but I see those as learning moments and most were crucial for me in order to be where I am now.

Happy Holidays and stay safe! 😊

Asking myself that same question 😅

I know what you mean.
Every house that I've lived at here has its own garden.
Enough land for everyone. Only, people shouldn't just focus on living in the city.

It indeed saves us a few coins by growing some things ourselves and saves us trips to the market.

Ginger is a thankful plant. Do try to capture the progress from the start. Will make great content too ;)

Yeah, we definitely want to try out garlic.
Especially how it's so useful in so many dishes and not to forget how healthy it is.

And thanks for the vote of confidence. Greatly appreciated 😊

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