My Passion for Pirouettes 💃

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Trying out something else today. Not really new perhaps, but most of my posts have mostly been either informative or deep; if I do say so myself 😅; or both. So here's to trying something a little bit on the "lighter" side.


I've mentioned my affinity with dance a couple of times here, especially that my foundation is classical ballet and that I've started my training at the age of eight (8). I don't remember much from that time period, but I do remember my mom asking my aunt if she knew of a ballet school in the neighborhood and alas there happened to be a school right in the same street as my aunt's place. Before I knew it I was enrolled in that school and started laying the foundation of my dance journey.

I've been dancing ever since for twenty (20) plus years and couldn't imagine myself not dancing. Side note: I even dance in my kitchen nowadays 😅, due to contact sports not being allowed for the time being. Anyway, one might ask "how do you do that; keeping up a hobby as long as you have?" Especially if I don't get paid to dance. The thing is, I did want to become a professional dancer at one point, but interests and situations change. Heck, I've seen a lot of girls starting and stopping with this hobby in this country. But that's not where I want to go with this.



My love for movement, the ability to let my body tell a story or let people feel what I'm feeling are some of the reasons why dancing is still a part of me. It's my way to express myself. I can even remember days when I didn't even need music, but my body moved because I felt like I wanted to say something through the movement.

And then there are other benefits which come from dancing, like improved cardiovascular health, refinement of balance and strength. Dancing also enhances cognitive performance and challenges the brain. It's also a way for people to socialize and a form to help them communicate. Furthermore, it's a way to keep or make you happy, because it boosts one's self-esteem, it reduces stress and diminishes feelings of anxiety and depression.

That being said let's all start twirling. Which type of dance will you be trying out? Let me know in the comment section below 😊

Chasse into the backstage! 💃


Really nice. Would have been even cooler to see a video of you. I’m no big dancer but I love dancing and sometimes dance in the kitchen too. I’d categorize mine as crazy. Haha!
Dancing really helps us to relax and it makes us happy. It naturally puts a smile on my face. Recently I’ve been doing Zumba. I can’t catch some of the moves but it makes me laugh.

Yeah, I do want to posts videos of me dancing eventually.
I only need to work out the how and what 😅

Oh Zumba is fun and gives you the chance to learn other dance styles, because of the mixing of movement and dance. And don't worry, I usually dance crazy as well hihi when on the dancefloor. Even though I have a dance background, I am sometimes faster than the rhythm 🙈

Haha! I guess that's how it goes when you're a pro. Got to go ahead of the rhythm. 😜
Yes, I love that we can learn different dance styles in Zumba. Even when I miss the moves, I get a good work out. 🤣😂

Hahaha precisely, I feel it coming before it does 🤣🤣
That's the positive attitude! 💪 By the way, the art is to not let it show you've missed a step ssshhhh haha

Haha! Oops! May I take it back? I’ll go ahead of the rhythm next time. 😂

🤣🤣 let's go do that hihi

Nice post😀!
Dancing is truly an artistic expression...
I sing & dance every day in my home office 😉's healthy, also singing...
HipHop,Dancehall, Reggae, Reggaeton...let's go, chica😊

It is... And I'm also belting out songs in my kitchen when I'm alone; not so nice to @rarej his ears. I often sing off tune but I don't care what the neighbors are thinking hihi

Oh yeah, I'm up for dancing on all those styles you've mentioned. Let's go 💃

Y'all gotta sing a duet together, record it & post it on 3Speak 😉

Hahahaa well that's an idea 👍

Me too- except for the training...unless you consider dancing in clubs/pubs/discos and pretty much anywhere else since the age of 15....😃

Hahaha that counts, because in those moments you're actually up for a long period and dancing for hours 😁

Haaa yes so true- and dancing hard too (to impress everyone...Or good acid...🤣..)

Darn! How I didn't know about these benefits of dancing when I was younger! I would do ballet for sure... :)

Just kidding... I'm so untalented for dancing or anything else that involves moving... lol... But, it is true all that you said about the benefits, especially if you are "living" dance...

Great positive post! Thanks for making this Sunday lighter! :)

Hahahaa you would've gotten more dance gigs, as male dancers are few 😆
Thank you for that compliment. If it made at least one person's day I'm happy 😊

@JustinParke here on behalf of the ReggaeJAHM Community.

Do whatever you can do to keep old passions alive, even it means turning out a pirouette in the kitchen. Ever since I was a kid, I have never been able to walk up stairs because something overtakes me and I am forced to run. I still run up stairs to this day, and will keep this tradition alive until I break a hip.

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Right on and thanks for the inclusion 😊

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