Sun Thursday Contest edition 5 / The Sun and its beneficial rays.

Hello friends!!

Some people do not really understand the importance of the sun for life.

When my twins were born they had something called "jaundice". Yes, they had high bilirubin and they looked yellow, a condition of babies that is more common than we can think and you know what? A great part of the solution was to place them every day in the Sun, the first hours of the morning and also at 4 in the afternoon hours when the solar rays are not so strong, however, they are enough to perform its function.

The sun's rays provide babies with vitamin D necessary for the strengthening of their growing bones.

I took this photo from my apartment window.
Canon T5i camera

I love taking pictures of the sky and the Sun


Que hermosa fotografía. Los efectos beneficiosos del sol para el organismo son muchos, es preocupante que debido a esta cuarentema, muchas personas no salen de su casa y no llevan sol, lo que puede afectar su salud. Saludos

Muchas gracias por tu apoyo. Y si, es preocupante que eso pase. Se deberían tomar los días de la flexibilización para tomar un poco de sol y aprovechar sus beneficios. Un abrazo!

Maravilloso trabajo. Un excelente muestrario de fotos

Gracias por su apreciación!

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