Highlights Of The Past 10 Day's

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Hello Weed Nerds! Well this year has been a bit depressing so far. But there is always a bright side to life. Been taking it easy, and a break from here, there have been some great posts over the week, let me drop a few worthy ones for you all to check out, if you have not already. Some posts are past payout, but a comment is worth more then a few cent vote, ;)



Dosidos #55

Cowboy bringing the heat! A picture is worth a 1000 words, and this picture is showing the hard work and dedication Cowboy puts into his work. You can catch him on Instagram where he posts often.



Intros - GSC And A Lesson On Larf

Relay a bit disappointed in the larf he bought, but making the most out of it. At least us Block Chain users can make a little change back on our content. For those that are wondering how to earn here, look at this post. It received over 30$ in votes on Hive. Not only do these posts make more, but they also receive more interaction. Well don Relay!



Cannabis CURES Cancer

Controversial? Nope not at all! Drutter always opens my eyes out to new info, and in this post he backs up his claims with many links. I highly recommend if you do not check out any of the posts I mentioned here today, at least visit this one.



Hashkings 2.0 Beige Paper

Hashkings is back! This time delegation will not be required, since there is an upgrade that includes one fungible token and five different non-fungible tokens. Be on the lookout for more updates.



Welcome Home New Water Filtration Device

What a beautiful piece! Also a cool write up for us to read. Another fine example of how to post on the chain.



Grow Diaries - Chapter 1


Deranged has come a long way is such a short time. Since last update his Auto flowers have popped out of the ground. It is very cool to watch someone's progress here on Weedcash. Hopefully we see many more do the same this year!



Tutorial for automatic plant transplant/Tutorial para trasplante de planta automatica /

Auto Flowers are fast growers. The first 20 days are very crucial to the outcome. Because of this, they do not like transplanting. Elbuen gives us a guide on how he overcomes this obstacle.



Fancy Jewels in the house

Mrs. Walker showing off her freshly cured buds, and some cool swag she just coped. Life must be easy when your a bad ass!



5 gallon challenge - Maple cookies Re-veg

Skyline going strong with his 5 Gallon contender. Looks like he will be the first to hit the scoreboard. I am still hopeful we will get the other growers here onboard, since this grow challenge will be ongoing, shit maybe until the day I decide to call it quits, someone else will take the realms of making sure they mark that board.



my weedcashstore

Loonatic has opened up a store for Weedcash swag. It was just launched, but I expect big things from him. Need a new lighter, or grinder? Or perhaps a penny bank? Head on over today!



Day 67 - Indoor Grow Diary - Off-Grid Solar Powered Led Grow - Not So Healthy Plants !


Sometimes things do not go your way, and you will come across issues when you grow. Trust me. But will you give up, or keep going and fix the issue at hand? Elric's current blog shows us what to do when a curve ball is thrown your way. Follow along, this is where the real learning happens!



Coffee. Cannabis and Conversation

What's a weekly, or bi/weekly update without the block chain institution, The Morning Bowl. It this episode, well actually you better just watch it. It wont take to much of your time, ;)


Well hope you all are caught up the past 10 day's. There was more gems, but just could not fit them all on here. If any of these interest you, follow the #cannabis tag. For you cannabis creators do not forget the cannabis tag in your cannabis post. It is the only tag I monitor, besides #canna-curate. I also look at the created feed on Weedcash daily. I will keep a look out for your posts, and also OCD will too people. It is luck of the draw sometimes, but if you post it, good chances they will come. By they, I mean everyone! PEACE...


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I like your updates. Keeps me informed on what I have been missing in the weed world while I have all this stuff building.

Yeah been a little occupied the last couple weeks, but I do plan having these more frequent. At least to show posts that have not been paid out already. Thanks for stopping by Dude!

Thanks for the feature and kind words you guys.

No problem, thank you for sharing with us!

Haha! Life is easy peasy lemon squeezy with these beautiful nugs! 🙋

Thanks for the mention 😉

Thank you very much for the diffusion bro!!

Thanks for the shout out..

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Glad to see everyone still active! I've taken a break from Hive in general for the holidays but I'm back now.
Much love to everybody!

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A break is a good thing. Thanks for stopping by!