Micro-Dosing LSD - Day 18 - Midway Point

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Legal Disclaimer - I am using a legal form of LSD called 1CP-LSD currently available in Europe.

Hey there folks, Graham here with another update.

So I am more than half way through the experiment now and I definitely do feel the benefits. I feel focused and my productivity has been amazing.

I do feel less anxious and at no point have I felt any kind of depression.!



Check this out for a good laugh.! Scottish comedian Limmy tests out some crazy drugs !

Dreadnought - Carousel - Pandemonium - Moonbeam - Zig Zag

Thanks for reading.

Peace, G.

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Just found out about your journey; am interested to follow this next part. It's all about the balance right? Left?
Have some !PIZZA for the road.


Cheers man. Have some !BEER

Yeah its been an interesting journey so far. 😀

I have been checking out your music and i am loving it. 😀 You have loads of good music but I really love the track Going Out 😀.

I am also hoping this experiment will help stir up my creativity for making tunes as i have found it difficult recently.

Peace, Graham.

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