A New Beginning

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What's good Weed Nerds! Well it's about that time. With harvest right around the corner, it means that there is also a new crop around the corner. At least if you do things right. Sure I can take a break. But fuck that! I got an itch, and the only prescription is more COW BELL! And by cow bell, I mean cannabis. Good thing I have lots of cow bells around the house....

Big Mack F2's seeing their first light

Return of the Mack

So folks the testing phase for my F2 Big Mack has began. I know this is no walk in the park, and good things take time. What began as a passion for all things weed, has turned into a larger scale Weed Nerd project. I will like to take the time and give a huge shout out to all my testers! You know who you are. You all are truly Big Mack's of the Block Chain, ;)


As of now I have no more room for any testers of the F2 BM. But I soon I will need testers for the back cross of Big Mack. Which was a F2 male Mac and Cheese, to the F1 of Big Mack. Sure to be a High THC strain. Serious people only need to apply. I expect for you to crack some seed ASAP, and give me updates on a regular basis. Preferable here on Weedcash. Full announcement coming soon.

To infinity, and beyond!

Currently I am a tester for another breeder at @bifbeans. This is a Reg Auto, called Galactic Reserve. I had a germ rate of 100% for 5 beans, but only 3 has made it due to my mistake of putting the other 2 in my outside garden bed. I know I have planned to do these outdoor, but like all of my plans it has now changed to do indoor under 24 hours of light. This way I can have these in optimal conditions, and be the best tester that I can.

New additions

Ill be cracking some new seed as well. I got some Rainbow Chip, and Dirty Little Secret from the famous Exotic Genetix. Cant wait to see what the fuss is all about. They produce some fire, but are they worth 25$ a seed? Then I have another Bif Beans strain, Helana x PBB. Been super stoked about this one. @loonatic is actually grown one as we speak.

Tonight I will be chopping the plants in the tent, clearing way for a new grow. I cant say enough how relieved I am. This grow has been such a pain, but worth it. I have learned so much. This is how you get better. Now that I got a taste of great genetics, which some I am preserving for you, I am ready to give everyone, more cow bell....




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Nice man. You are killing it.

Thanks man! Having fun too!!

It’s all about having fun

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Yeap! Also the hard work keeps me on my toes, and my brain young lol

Nice job, You are getting quite the project going 🤣

Thanks man! On my way to being on dj shorts level. Some don’t realize it’s a lot of work;)

Yeah I can see it being quite the job. But the rewards are well worth it

I'm sure you could spend $1000 per seed, or more, if you wanted! Somebody out there is willing to take your money. For me, a seed is something a healthy plant produces for free. All that is needed is worm poop, a little time, and a gardener. What's in a seed that could make it so expensive? In most cases, it's hype. A brand name. But really it's just a code of amino acids... made by nature. We gardeners aren't creators of this plant and all its wonderful variety. We're just assistants. :)

Oh for sure! Sometimes that hype is real though, lol. One thing about all these famous breeders, they have a male that is kick ass. One of the most famous males out there is the f4 star fighter that capluator has. Whatever he hits it with, cones out coated in frost.

But my previous seeds I actually paid 5$ a piece....


And it is better looking then some of the exotic genetics stuff I’m seeing:) thanks for your comment bro

I have paid ten bucks for good seeds before, for sure! But it wasn't for a name brand, it was because somebody had seeds from organic plants from a strain I wanted. That was the Pink Kush, which I grew as my first blockchain crop, 3 years ago. I didn't know how to "make seeds" back then, but the bud was great! Now I'm quite happy with these Reclining Buddha seeds. One of the plants is dried and I'm pulling out the seeds now. The other is coming down today. Next crop will be all sensi! And I'll have seeds to trade, and a few to save and grow out to make more seeds later.
Since the Pink Kush I haven't bought seeds. Usually trade. :)
I didn't know that about males being rockstars too! Makes sense though. Genetics come from both sides of the family, after all! The only pollen I've got right now is from Monster, that really short Reclining Buddha male I had. I don't know how good a stud he is. I guess I'll find out when I grow out this crop of seeds.
Other than keeping it dry, how do you store your pollen? Darkness? Cold?

Pollen is tricky. The flour truck I used was a failure, but it could of been the container I was using. Make sure you get an air tight container, and then refrigerate it.

It could be possible to just store in a cool and dark environment, but only for a short time. I need to do more experimentation on this, there really is not a whole lot out there on this subject.

Okay, same here. I'll keep my eye out for good knowledge about storing pollen and let you know when I come up with something. I think you're right that cool, dark, and dry is probably a good starting point.

Ouch @ $25/ seed... hopefully that comes with a reach around.. or lube.. or both. Fuck that's high.

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It came with a spit on my face ;) rainbow chip and dirty little secret is done bad ass strains. Hopefully I have a good pheno, I’ll make clones and sell them for 25$ a pop

Good idea 👍