Galactic Reserve Testers Update

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What's up Weed Nerds! So if you recall one of my last posts, I am testing out a F1 Reg Auto flower for community breeder Belenos, creator of White Grape. This Auto is Space Jam x Hard Liquor, AKA Galactic Reserve.

Grow setup

  • Still waiting to clear out my tent, so by day this is under the Mars Ts1000, or if it is sunny, I put out on balcony for 8 hours. Then by night, it goes into the tent for 12 hours. This is what I refer to as, "Musical chairs", since I am waking up and shuffling the plants to their home for the day, then at night doing the same. Tonight will be the last night doing this, thank god!

  • I have started out all my seedlings in ProMix

  • I have been giving them plain Ro water for the first week, by the second I started to give Cal/Mag that has no NPK, along with Roots Organics, Trinity

  • Since Autos do not do good with transplants, I have had them in 2.5 gallon pots from the start

After 13ish days of growth these two are trucking along.

Even after having my 3yo boy going out to the balcony, and tugging on this one, almost ripping it out like a weed!

I do have one straggler, which could be just a runt, or human error. It is very possible I damaged the tap root when I was transferring from paper towel into soil. Hard to tell, but I am not to worried about it. I am after quality before quantity when I grow. Of course I shoot for both, but I would rather have an ounce of quality medicine, then 2 ounces of mids.


After tonight these will be in their permanent home, along with my other seedlings. I am sure they will start to take off under my King Bright LED. Playing "Musical Chairs" has really got me burnt out, and I can not wait to not having to do a million things before I go to work, then bed. That is what kids are for, ;)





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Grower burnout is real! Heh. I took a few months off for the first time late last year. Just finished the Reclining Buddhas, and I'm already germinating the next crop, which are their babies :)
Might take a short break after that, who knows? Mostly, growing rejuvenates me, but you're right that a break is good sometimes.

Yeah it’s tiresome, but a new crop does pump me up! It’s just the constant moving them around that gets to me. Sometimes I just probably should wait till my tent is completely empty before starting. But unleash I have not got any clones from my local nursery, that would be a mistake with my seedlings. I think once I’m at a month, I will look into Adam elite cut to the bunch

Practice makes perfect. Good luck with the Autos. All that moving can get to a gardener for sure.

I say having plants are like pets, but the constant moving is akin to having kids. That’s why I won’t ever do a light dep again. Such a pain

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I do like my photoperiods. They do grow large for sure.
Never say never, right?

Yeah I here yah. Autos sure are fun to watch though.

And here I thought kids were for taking out the trash and mowing the lawn..

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Maybe in a few years lol

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I've never experimented with any auto-flower strains before. Let's hope these little girls do well, would like to see the end result.

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