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What's up fellow Weed Nerds! Hope the start of the week as been a good one for you. I admit it has been a little slow around these parts, but that does not mean good things are happening. First off, Hive @.66, DAMN! That's amazing. Then just got word from @thelogicaldude, that he put up a section of Canna swag up over at The Weedcash Store. Much love for that, as soon as I get off here Ill be ordering some stickers so I can throw them to my testers. Which testing has closed for the F2 Big Mack, but not to worry, I will need more testers for the BMX(Mac and Cheese back crossed with Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese), then soon to be Silver Mac, which if it goes according to plan, we will get those up over up on the Weedcash store. Then last night @derangedvisions and I recorded our 3rd podcast, @homegrown. So be on the lookout for that to be dropped. Another thing that I am excited about, is the upcoming sale over at Bif Beans for the 4/20 holiday! Even with all this cool stuff happening, I am most excited about the phenos #2 and #3 of Big Mack F1!!! Sorry guys, and gals, its just the way it is.........

I just have to say that the #2 and #3 phenos are just an all around amazing strain. The terp profile is exotic and funky, and the cannabinoids are in high concentrations, but it is also a fast finisher....

Last night I hit with some aerated Roots Organics base. But from here on out I will give the #2 and #3 pure water, and maybe 1 or 2 molasses feedings.

So another reason why I know I have a winner on my hands, is because I have a cut of the #2 that was under the "blurple", and it is also doing amazing!

This cut also receives some sun, if the weather is nice. But for the most part, it has spent most of it's life under an old "blurple". So it is a no brainer that I need to keep this strain around. I did hit this one above with pollen, to create another F2, but not so sure it took. But I did "Monster Crop" some cuts from the #2 and #3 phenos..

These cuts where in about day 30-40 days in flower, so it is going to be a process to reveg them. But it will be worth it! Besides I have a great start....

When I took the cuts, I put a bread tie on the #3 pheno to tell it apart from the #2's.

It was the only cut I took too! Oh well. You bet I will be cloning the shit out of these when I get a chance. I am also going to do my best to get these in the hands to other people who grow, or hopefully get people to start growing for the first time ever with some bad ass genetics!

But most of all, I hope to create more seeds from these cuts. Either by the old fashioned way, or maybe with some Collidol Silver, to self them, and create some legit Fem seed. However, I still have some BM pollen stored, and would like to try again at making the F2#2.

So my space is limited at the moment, and all of my plants are in the last stages of flower. So what I am doing with these, in order to reveg, I alternate with them sitting in my closet during the day, under the MarsTS1000, then at night I put them in my tent. With this shuffling, they are getting close to 24 hours of light a day. Hopefully we see some vegetative growth in a month or so! Before I leave here today, I want to mention one more thing.....

I set up my new light!

I am beyond stoked with this. It is just an amazing light, and everything I needed for my 4x4 setup. Now my grow is complete. I just need to up my grow game. This is something I take serious, because I am not doing this to play, I am doing this as something to better myself, and also doing this to grow medicine. Which I am soon about to have an abundance of, and will get to share this with friends and family. Party at my place this 4/20!!!





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The new light looks awesome! Can't wait to see more of your testers grown out too!

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Thanks man! Hopefully in a week we will see a few starting to grow. I am going to crack some tonight, since the cold spell has passed, and will be chopping what I have going in the closet.

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Nice one on the swag and I'll have to check out the new episode when it drops.

I am waiting on that bifbeans sale hoping to get autos and have I ground by end may 🤞

Dam looks at them roots, Nice job in them

Yeah I should of transplanted a week or two ago, but my space is so limeted! I need to chop my two bm and hat are pregnant with the bx. God I hope I can find testers. This shit is kinda hard

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Hey they didn't mind staying in the pot a little longer.

!ENGAGE 14.20

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Yeah, what causes such insane root production? Is that a fertilizer or a hormone?
Party at Jon's place!
Except that it would be so illegal he and all of us would be fined $7500 each and 6 weeks in prison...

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Well I used honey for these. And they rooted awhile ago, so I would say time;) and no fines here, where I live we have been living our lives for the most part. Actually had a get together of family, which was about 8 of us:)

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Sweet ;)
How much honey, a few drops in the water of each?
Not that I'll be cloning anything at the moment, these ladies are getting nice and mature.
Oh, on seeds.
Will my new crop of seeds sprout right away, or do they need to dry out and cure with the bud first? I'm wondering because I think I'm going to run another crop of Reclining Buddhas once this one's done. I've grown my own seeds before, but never back-to-back with their mothers. :)

I just dip the tip of cutting into the honey, which is locally sourced by a person who loves their bees:)

So as long as the seed is mature, it is ready to grow. I even had heard of cases where a seed sprouted right on the plant! Probably rained on it.

Hahah, thought so, but glad to get your confirmation. I'm excited about the next crop. I'm getting enough seeds from this one to do a full crop of sensi. The unpollinated plants are sure a lot more productive than the pollinated ones, even if only one branch gets hit with pollen! :))

Yeah it’s crazy! Can’t believe we used to smoke stuff with seeds back in the day! Not sure how the scene was up there in the early 90’s, but here was about 90% brick weed imported from Mexico and South America

The early 90s in BC had a thriving cannabis culture and underground industry. A lot of great genetics came over in the 60s and 70s from Holland, and it was crafted into the strains popularized in the 90s (Kushes, Skunks, Romulan, Diesel, etc). Our 90s were probably like your '10s in some ways (pre legalization of course). Lots of buying baggies from guys on speed dial, hiding in the back alley with friends, watching movies stoned as fuck and dodging parents, etc :p I've heard of brick weed from friends in the US, but never had to buy any. Mainly it's BC supplying weed to everywhere else, so we don't get a lot of imported stuff here.

!ENGAGE 14.20

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I’m excited for you man. This is awesome.

Gracious senor!

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Lights look awesome. I gotta go check out that @bifbeans sale

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Also Party over at bif server for 420. But I am also thinking canna curate should do something as well. What you think?

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Whatcha have in mind?

this is a dream come true😋💪


hell yes!

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Looks great. What is max power drain of the setup?

Well I would say about 800-900watts with all the fans running, plus a dehumidifier. But dehumidifier only runs during lights off.

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Those lights look amazing and what a great grow journal 👏

Thank you! That really means a lot coming from a great grower like yourself:)

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Thats just a beauty!
Awesome achievement as a "greenkeeper"

It´s impossible to have something like that in the garden here (in Germany) even if you don´t smoke weed and just enjoy yourself surrounded by beautiful plants.

I actually knew a few Germans who had some nice cannabis plants as well. But yes I know it’s illegal. So crazy, I always imagine Germany being this progressive and tolerant place. I suppose it is, except when it comes to the devil’s lettuce. Thanks for stopping by!

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The devil´s lettuce....
love that one - never heard it before :-D