Outdoor Diaries 2021

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What's up Weed Nerds! So you all know I live on the coast of California, a place where I could grow all year, but due to living in an apartment that blocks my sun for a good portion of the year, I am limited. Only up until recently has the sun started to shine enough for planting cannabis. I have learned a lot of my micro climate over the years, but only up until last grow season did I learn that the sun stops shining in the middle of August! I never caught this, due to the reason of the sun shining around 930-1030am, which is when I go to work. Then the sun gets blocked out, till about 1-3, when I usually come home for break. Then the sun will reappear around 5-6, when I get home. But starting in the middle of May to the end of July, I can grow some decent plants. So this is why this year will be nothing but Autos, because I sure as hell aint going to do light dep, which one year I did, and its to much of a pain in the ass for some head stash.

The ones in the Solo cups are some Big Mack testers, which are photos, but those are being gifted to a friend who live in the middle of the Salinas Valley, and I am hoping she grows some trees with these.

These are the Crystal Candy's that @loonatic sent me awhile back. Very excited for these Auto flowers. If things go to as planned, I am going to impregnate them with a Galactic Reserve Auto male that I have on the front balcony. I think it will be cool as fuck to make some F1 auto seed stock.

Yeah I would not mind having a few hundred seeds of some Autos. Would you?

Next up we have some @bifbeans Ghost Toof F2. These are Autos, and am excited to grow these since they where a gift, and you all know how I handle gifts, ;)

And here is a BMX male that I found, and I really love the structure. I FIMed this not to long ago, and I think it will be perfect to work into my Big Mack. Still thinking of my game plan for this project.

Now here is my pride and joy. If you have been following along my outdoor diaries over the years, you would know that I have had many ups and many downs. I always wanted grass, so this year I am making it a reality. How will it fair when the sun disappears? Unsure, but it is the kind of grass that likes the shade. Only thing missing is a white picket fence.

Then we got the strawberries, and some stowaways. I suspect these are some SilverMac's. No way they are staying. Off with their heads I say. Or just digging them up, and gifting to someone that has a real back yard.

So that's about it. I am thinking I will crack a couple more Autos from @bifbeans, but then again I have my hands full already, and anything else will just be taking up more valuable space. After all I still need a place for my grill, because what is the American Dream without having a BBQ?





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I love that rock in your strawberry bed.

It’s my inspiration:)

Them crystal candies look crazy. I am excited to see how the ghost toof does for you. I just got some of them as well and will be growing them in the next round.

Thanks bro! And yeah @davedickell is growing some GT too.

Grew. Past tense. Got QG going on now.


Congrats on the grass. They say one you own a lawnmower, you're a grownup. But don't worry, I think you can cut that with a weedwhacker or even pair of scissors ;D

Yeah I’ll use a weedwacker to do it. We got an electric one here at work. I would so use scissors if I had the time lol

hey ! one of my plants started to go hermie, and its like on its 10 weak, banana blaze auto.

i just cut the pre male seed spots. but reading your post i might let it just grow...

wouldnt be bad have a stack of seeds, since its ultra hard nowdays to get seeds around here.

please update us with this male plant and seeds results =D i would love to see

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🤣🤣🤣 love the small little patch of grass.

The plants are seemingly fantastic looking

do you use the male plant?

I usually do. But I choose one that I like the best. Loving the structure on my bmx, and think it will help out my big Mack :)