Super Cropping My BM #3

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What's up Weed Nerds! Now that the Re Veg process of the Banana Punch x Mac & Cheese is complete, it is time I get her ready for the next stages of it's life, with a little help from my son, who decided he was going to foot bomb my photo, and a lot of help from some 3d printed Super Croppers from @bifbeans.

So before I began I cleaned up a little bottom growth, but really wasn't much, this gal really did come back to life, and even better then before!

Before I slip on the plastic Super Cropper, I find some fairly old growth and pinch, and twist a little until I hear a "Snap". Not the break kind, but more of a sound like a pimple popping. Warning: this is fun, and can be addicting.

I then slip the plastic SC onto the branch,

Then I bend back the branch, just enough to slip the top part of the SC onto it. This is why I love to get the branch mendable before hand, otherwise you will have a harder time getting your SC onto place.

I then to proceed to Super Crop the rest of the plant.

Then I set the plant back into the tent, and then stair at it and watch it grow...................

So that is how I use the Super Croppers from Bifbeans. Very handy tools for every gardener! Once I get this tent cleaned up a little, and move these Autos outside I am planning to put all of these into bigger pots, and set up a SCROG. Right now I am a bit to overcrowded to proceed any further. Oh god you all think my wife will call that Hoarder show up on me? Or even worse, maybe they will see my blog, and confront me one of these days when I roll up home after I get off at work, LOL




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Healthy looking.

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Looks good. I need to get a couple of those

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Totally worth it!

They make training enjoyable again. Great post as usual.

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Lol I really enjoy bending and folding branches, it’s so relaxing. Until you break a branch ha

Nice man. I’ve got more super croppers coming in the mail right now.

I need to do the same. Good looking out!

That's a really beautiful tent.

Damn dude that means a lot coming from you! Thank you. Hopefully I will get rid of some of the plants I dont need to a friend.

"I then to proceed to super crop the rest of the plant."

Last week you said super crop means take a clone during flower. Now it seems to also refer to training?

Lol, I am one confused fellow, ha jsk actually taking the cut during flower is Monster Cropping, this post is bending and manipulating the branches, Super cropping

Hahah, I was confused but now I'm not. Well, not about this matter, anyway!
Cropping is a fun word and I can see why it gets re-used.
In your case I guess you're super cropping after monster cropping. Maybe it's a super monster crop job.
Some people talk about low and high stress training, some say tomato....

Super cropping would be a form of HST, since you are breaking the branch, while tiring a branch back would be a form of LST, since it is not as rough as snapping a branch.

Cloning during flower can be called monster cropping I call it re vegging :)

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Yeah re-vegging is what I've heard and used too...
But yeah monster cropping is the other term, thanks. Super crop is training, and monster crop is cloning, got it!

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Dude those clips look great, That's gonna be a huge plant

Yeah there are great! And I’m thinking of possibly putting this in the 5 gallon, ;)

Nice, I moved my 5 outside and she is loving it