The Big Mack #3: Smoke Report, & Some Thinking Out loud

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What's up Weed Nerds! Damn I just have been in a funk this past week. Even the motivation to get on and comment has just not been there. However I am slowly building it back up. I have been talking with @skylinebuds on how to get some marketing things together to market Weedcash outside of the Hive Block Chain. It is time that we step up our efforts. I am no marketing expert, but I fell a good place to start is to have everyone in the community putting the Weedcash brand out here whenever they can. Maybe in a Instagram post, a Facebook thread, or even in Reddit. Ask not what this Block Chain can do for you, but what you can do for it. This is the beauty of the Chain, we all have a piece of it. We are not some number where they sale off so they can market some mass produced dog food to. Weather you have 5 Hive Power, or 5000, you can come to this place, and make it your own. You mad that you don't get all the comments you want? Invite more people! You mad about not making more $$ per post? Well then just invest while its low, and then sale when it is high! The possibilities are endless. But sitting around and waiting for it to happen is not going to do shit.

So where can we start?


Props to Skyline for making this graphic. Anyone is welcome to use this. Go join a Facebook group if you have an account, and tell them the benefits of Hive. We are not trying to get people to join to benefit us, we are getting them to join to benefit them! Yeah I know I probably sound like a cars salesman, but this is where the power of community will come into play. I know some of you are geniuses when it comes to this. Please fell free to chime in. Make a post on how to sale someone this product that we have. A product where it gives the power back to the user! Maybe go join a large Discord group. Maybe make posts on Instagram. Or just go to forums, and tell them how they can put there grow logs on a censorship free platform, and maybe even make a few bucks while doing so! In matter of fact, and this goes out to new and old members alike. The better the content, the most likely chance you will get that whale vote! Yes it is hit, and miss. But do not let that get you discouraged. The $$ aspect is just a bonus. We are here to create value, rather then extract it.

Another tool we have at our disposal, thanks to @thelogicaldude is If you fell like someone would be to overwhelmed with the Chain at first, invite them to Weedcash.Org. The idea is they can get to know us, and then hopefully spark some interest to join Hive. Current users can also use the chat for promotion of their posts. What was that? Where did I get that dope ass shirt? Oh yeah, I got that at the Weedcash Store. I don't go to the dispensary's much, but when I do, I will ware this shirt. You all should go check out the cool merch that is over there, or go over to @loonatic's store, and get you some swag to show off. You never know, you just might get some great results with recruitment. Well that's just my current take on the situation, just like crypto, I have my ups, and downs. One thing that is 100%, I am on this ride for the long haul.


Let's talk some Big Mack player stuff..

Well folks I am very proud to say that this is thee best I ever have grown! Once I took some cuts from my dying plants a few months back, things went very well with these. I kept humidity in the proper zone, and managed to find a sweet spot with the feeding of this pheno of F1 Banana Punch x Mac and Cheese.

I just loved everything about this plant. The structure, the terps, and especially the potency. The organic nutes base line from Roots Organics, and with a few doses of PK seemed to be just about perfect. I am currently Re-Veggin a cut of this, and plant to keep around.


While growing, this Big Mack had a terp profile of a fruit basket, sitting in the hot sun for part of the day, with banana as the centerfold. Just straight funk. After it drying it now has a fruity kush smell to it. Very vibrant, and with a strong back drop of cheddar cheese. Very very enticing, and complex. Any wine sommelier would give this a high score.

The taste

As you inhale some of this BM you get a very smooth toke, and then immediately your taste sensations just light up, and after you inhale you have a lingering presence of some Kush, with a strong presence of aged cheddar cheese, I was ever surprised that I could even lick my lips and have some flavor. Just think I just put this in the jar! I know some people will say well it wont taste good without a cure. But I say if your weed don't taste good as soon as it dries, it just will never taste good. Yes a cure brings out the peak taste, and smell, but you have to have something to begin with.

The Buzz

This is the only thing I have found in common amongst the 3 phenos of BM I found. Could be because of them being fresh, but all 3 have a nice energetic buzz to it. After a few tokes it fells like a ray of sunshine upon your face, and just a sensation of relaxation, and ready to do whatever you have to do. For me it was to watch Mortal Kombat. As I was watching Sonia Blade kick some ass, I just could not wait to go back and take a few more puffs of my pipe.



Just amazed that I even grew this. Having great genetics, and then finding that great pheno amongst those genetics is something I have learned makes a huge difference. Sure the other 2 I have are great, but this one is just on a different level. I suppose this is even more true since this is F1 seed stock. This is something I have thought about recently with my local nursery that sales clones. Do they pheno hunt before they choose a mother? I have grown 4 from them so far, and have to say, 3 of them where mediocre, while 1 did stand out. I think I will hit them up, and then write a post about my findings. Damn cannabis is so fun! Isn't it?




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Great pics,
And I have no idea how to market things. All I can do myself is mention weedcash in every relevent post and video, and promote it on my other platforms. Oh and I made an offer for free seeds a week ago, only for weedcash users, but nobody took me up on it. I don't know why the WEED price is so low right now. Maybe as it comes up (hopefully) more people will take note and get involved, and things will grow from there.

I thought it was only for Canadian users? You know how this place can be, hit and miss. But yes you do a great job. Google steem Og and a lot of your posts done up.

I think SEO is something we all should learn more of. It is confusing, but in reality it isn’t. The more you talk about something, the more it becomes searchable.

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We're teaching AI how to learn from our blockchain interactions ;D

Definitely proof of brain if you can find dank like that!

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Ha! Great endorsement. Thank you

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Yeah I agree with you sir...

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Looks awesome homie. Keep it up.

Thanks bro!

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You have me salavating!

Yeah I’ll probably take some more pics later. Actually pulled about 2 oz from this plant too. Which I’m happy with since I went ahead and flipped it early for the sake of finishing the tent.

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Those buds are spectacular, full of resin and super tight. What a pleasure to be able to smoke that, enjoy it!!!!.

Regarding marketing on other networks, I have done this.
In the next post I will use the QR code to see how it works and I will include it in the video I am going to prepare.

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Sweet! And yeah bro a lot of us are doing some great work outside of the chain, my hat tips to all of you:)

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when I have finished what I have now I will test the big mac and the silvermac. I can't wait but I have to keep it small scale
looks very tasty bro 😀

Sounds good bro! Can not wait. I have some silver Mac going, and it seems very vigorous:)

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Wow, dude. This looks amazing. You made a great job growing these plants. Is probably so good as it looks. I hope you really enjoy it. Share some with your folks.


Thank you very much! And I have grown some good stuff about j the past, and I still can not believe how great this stuff is. To bad I can not share it with people here.

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Thanks, dude, The flower looks, killer. I would love to try it.

Got to figure out what else we can do to market weedcash but dam the whole world is anti-weed it SUCKS

Yeah I know. It’s mind boggling on how our society is now turning into who can be the best person of everyone. If cannabis is illegal in most areas, that’s bad and we won’t alllow it!
Something you said when you where a teenager, that’s bad and your ousted from society . I wear 3 masks! Blah blah blah!!!

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Beautiful flowers my friend. It would be really cool if at least one weed store in every state accepted WeedCash as legit payment, or at least have certain products for which WeedCash is accepted. Since many people associate the words crypto and blockchain with sketchy stuff, it would probably take in-person visits with the shop owners to convince them this would be a good idea.

I think something like this could take WeedCash straight to the moon!!

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