5 Gallon Challenge Contender, Silver Haze

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What's good Weed Nerds! Well whats not is my #5gallonchallenge contender. This thing just got fried, and at first I thought maybe it was over fertilized, but perhaps it was more of a lack of something. Perhaps it was calcium? Maybe my soil went inert in the 5 gallon bucket? Next round Ill make sure to drill some holes in the bucket, so that way it get's better airflow.

I think you all can tell why I have not really been posting that much about this plant. Sure its sticky, and terpy, but not pretty. Ill like to find someone with a Rosin press to just press this whole plant.


Im sure it will be decent smoke though, and will look a whole lot better once it is trimmed and cured. It is going to be nice to get my name up on the leader board!


I am coming for you @skylinebuds!

Rules for the 5 Gallon Challenge

  • Grow a plant from seed, or clone in a 5 gallon container
  • Can be a Photo Period, or an Auto
  • Post updates here on Weedcash
  • Finish and weigh your final product, which will be trimmed and dried sensimillia
  • All finishers get their name up on the scoreboard, and placed according to weight.
  • Contest is open year round
  • Can enter as many times as you want
  • If you place the top spot on the scoreboard, win 500 Weed
  • Have fun!

Good Luck!




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Looks smokeable as hell to me :)

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Yeah I suppose I should be more optimistic, after all it is mold free:) thanks for stopping by

nice I think she will be a nice sativa Nice for day smoking✌

Looks good, keep it up in the cure, should taste fine.
Gots nice hairs fur sure.

Yeah for sure, I just bought one of those hanging dry racks. Really only since my space is limited, but i will be seeing up my 32x32 tent and hooking up the inline fan, and a humidifier, since it is in the mid 40% here.

Ps how is your seeds doing? if you got no germ rate, ill send you more bro.

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I just dunked the other 3 so we are gonna give those a shot along side another 3 seed, Pink Runtz. So maybe the competition will encourage germ. Lol give it a few should be good to go.

Less pretty but pretty still 😀

Mucho gracias!

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Pretty don't mean nothing, It looks like a nice yeild much better then my 10gs.

Yeah its still going to be a decent harvest, no where near its full potential, but I think ill be happy.

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Well if the results are judged only on weight, you're doing fine. And yeah, why not hit it with a rosin press? Or make edibles, or oil?

This gave me an idea for a challenge. Basically, the same as this challenge, but results judged on a few categories, not just weight. Also, a limitation on ingredients.... hmmm.... I won't say anymore until I post about it ;D