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hmmm, am trying this out and am a bit of a noob to @weedcashnetwork @weedcash but not to @cannacurate or is it @canna-curate? gotta reconnect with @jonyoudyer .....anyways, I am a HUGE advocate for the legalization of this medicine and for now I am huge into CBD/Isolates and Terpenes. I have Asthma and don't like feeling jittery so I actually don't do "the pot" but I do all the stuff that's out now and experiment.
For some time I have been researching and taking the different isolates that are now out. For some reason I love coming up with recipes and uses for my lil' Apothecary of awesome stuff!


I suppose this is a bit of an intro on this frontend though I keep up as much as possible when real life allows me to. My career is extremely stressful but needed so it's one of those catch 22's where you can thrive in a bit of chaos but learn to put in a good amount of tincture into the morning coffee.

If I have to pull the occasional all nighter then am very happy about the Delta-8 gummies that someone turned me on to. It really helps with my pain and typing skills.


I'm in contact with doctors who let me know how much medicine is being suppressed in America but is embraced with open arms in other countries. There are no words to describe my literal passion on this topic. It is medicine that is long overdue to be allowed to us plebs to make life a little more palatable.


photograph @battleaxe/ @scarletreign , here's my "bowl" of good stuff


I have tried so many different companies and as I learned more I found what to me is a great seller of tons of CBD and isolates. SteveOG has some slab and such of CBD and CBG. Personally , I enjoy full spectrums. Anyhow, I wanted to test this out and see if anybody is out there, am a bit of a chatterbox and love chatting in comments when rl permits me some "playtime" ;)




Here enjoy a super big ass pic of me I can't shrink the size at the moment. Those glasses are dope, gotta say...

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heyo Sir Bacon, that is an awesome photo and is why I don't swat bees away , now when the red hornets dive bomb me in my garden I'm like piss off but whatever...those wasps and hornets need to learn from these cute fuzzy bees :P

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Hey! Yeah it’s so cool people are able to get the medical benefits from cannabis, and still stay away from getting “stoned” cannabis has come a long way hasn’t it!

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what is on the horizon is amazing, I now have a rather large facility going to go into CBD route and gave the info to the place and am not paid or an endorser, rather it's for people who need to be educated this is legal, it is medicine and it will not be repressed. Biden not legalizing it totally shows he is in the big pockets of the big pharma "cabal" op/ed

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I'm trying out different communities and still am just a nerdy nomad, nuttin' wrong with that I guess :)

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High ! .... all the time , cause i can't , get it of my mind ,.. all the time . ;-)
Burning green , breathing smoke , for some enlightenment for decades now .A little mind boost , a little hurt stop , that kept my asthma buggered airways a bit free from mucus .
The whole industry coming up on cannabis worry's me a bit , the product is changing . Fast hydro culture growth DNA altered plant's with an artificial sun above . Sensamilia was only cultured to keep the seeds away from the customer as mush as possible .
People think they get high , get stoned it is they do , mostly from fertilizer chemicals overwhelmingly used during bloom .
The best canna comes from your own garden , i just want to grow my own , but you know what they do when i plant a seed , kill it before it grow's . Still i will keep planting , got four sprout's coming up behind a sunny window . If nothing drives me away and if the neighbor's don't complain , ill have some medicine of good quality this year .
From other plants that i grew true life i learned that they weirdly reflect the spirit of the farmer that grew them .
I just want to grow a plant , why can't i just do that , why go from illegal to patented and restricted .
What happened to the whole spiritual part that hemp used to carry ?
Let's just legalize it and stop making it a crime to plant a seed without a permit .
And yeah , hello to ... high there .

I agree but there are forces who give zero fucks about anything about their iron grip on a collapsed "healthcare" system that ties into a whole bunch of reallllly bad things. The fact Vitamins were an issue a few years back to make them basically illegal and only allowed through our shitty doctor system of a bunch of automatons with zero empathy and proves we are just like cattle.
I hope this system implodes and burns to the effing depths of hell :) This planet is ruled mostly by evil so there has to be a counterforce. People have to fight for things, we didn't get here for no reason
op/ed peace :) have a good one fellow axe

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I hope this system implodes and burns to the effing depths of hell :)

Replace "hope" for "think" and it will ,... if we all do so .
European banks are broke , shit is going down .
ATM machines are taken from the streets .
Sadly many blindly follow and will go down to , hanging on to hope .
I do not care for there loss , i care for the lives lost . Makes me sad .
But if this is the future laid upon me , destruction and chaos ,
then bring it on , this might just be what i have bin waiting for , for years . Freedom ! ;-)