209 days until 4/20

My doctor has never told me to quit consuming weed. INTERESTING!!
So for that reason I just ate like 10 sweet & sticky cannabis cinnamon rolls and as a responsible adult I am prepared to deal with the consequences of those actions.

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How many bong rips does it take to get to the center of the universe?

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Can you get 10 more of those cinnamon buns made to order? I heard food delivery is a up and coming business due to covid19, perhaps there is teleportation technology and you can just comment the cinnamon buns to me virtually?

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😂😂 I wanna make a personal delivery to you.
I want to attempt to smoke my joints in the plane so I can experience the double high, also I have a formulated strategy to pass past the sniffer dogs at the airport so I can sneak the joints in the plane.
Will be adding 10 more rolls as a discount for you Uncle Phil

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those fancy vape pens work well, lol my friend gets the fruity tasting weed extracts as distillate in a pen, he smokes it during safety meetings at work and his boss doesnt even know its weed lol, he tells them its tobacco lol

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I bet he has a high performance every time an appraisal is done.
And every colleague of his is always wondering:
"wow! this guy so cool n' chill"
But the dude is smoking weed and minding his own business 💯
Once I get the flavoured weed extracts I am going to smoke it at the police station so that I can increase my gangsta points 😂

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LOL do it, #vapethepolice

Gotta show them that doobies calm and bring lots of peace of mind.
No more shoot outs, extrajudicial killings and arrests of weed smokers and plugs.

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We need a real sovereign legal system first to legalize anything, our broken justice system in Canada is at the center of these problems.

  1. The bad CIA studies that originally were done with a bias for the pulp mill industry.
  2. Cannabisationalism - Celebrities sensationalizing cannabis in for profit schemes that don't benefit end users or their access to cannabis"
  3. Human rights violations - The violent arrests, you mention, need to stop
  4. Consumerism needs a restructured ethics principal, no more cheap mass produced cannabis (consumer goods too), quality cannabis can be grown at home, only someone who profits from the sale of cannabis would not want you to have ready access to the info and resources to grow high quality cannabis inside your own home or even outside in your back yard if the nature allows it.

The revolution may not be televised, but TV was shit anyway...


This masterpiece got really hot gems 🔥💎
Why don't weedcash network has a reblog option for replies? Damn!
I wish more weed nerds would be able to see this content right here and may be apply it / create awareness in their countries.
We won't stop sensitising people about cannabis legalization until its done.
I know the day is coming when the government will open up it's eyes to opportunities that come with legalization:

  1. Creation of more jobs
  2. Tax revenues
  3. Enhanced regional & International cannabis trade
  4. Release of all people arrested under cannabis violation laws.
  5. Peace
  6. Control cancer naturally.

The list is endless...
Our governments need to take the blinds off

If cannabis was legal worldwide, this would be the current situation in this community:
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