Abundance Tribe Logo Contest Update - Value of Prizes HIGH - See What Products Your Design Could Manifest

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With less than a week left in the @abundancetribe design contest, we are starting to see some uniquely creative entries. With the price of H-coin rising to nearly $1.00 USD yesterday (at the time of recording this video), the prize pool of 1100 H-coin is-was worth about $1000 USD!

We very much hope to see more stellar entries before this contest concludes on May 1st 11:59 PM PDT.


Here are a few of the Abundance Tribe Logos that stood out to me personally (@ELAmental) - but remember the winner will be selected by an internal discussion/vote within the A.T. community as a whole, so it is not completely up to me who ultimately places and wins prizes. Therefore, winners to be selected may not be one of these designs, or may have yet to even be created. The following logos were submitted by @capitanzek, @lisbethseijas, @cetb2008, @kadoshmenorah, & @daltono (altered the first two into animated GIFs for this post).





I also want to let all the participants know that in past contests I have implemented winning designs into stickers and eco-friendly t-shirt projects. I intend to at least create posters and stickers with the winning Abundance Tribe logos, but I am not eliminating the possibility of making organic/herbal dyed clothing again with them as well - I would just require sponsorship for that in the future.


Please refrain from including Native American symbolism as much as possible in your designs. I would like to be clear that although we are a tribe, we are not a Native American tribe, and would not like to accidentally give that impression through our logo. Thank you and good luck!


The following video explains what is going on with the contest, how much the prizes could be worth, shows examples of products I created with past logos, and what could be created with one or more of these designs in the future.

Click link or pic below to play video

▶️ DTube

▶️ DTube

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Thanks for the clarification.
I am working on a stronger logo.

I love the one you created that is in this post. Fantastic design. Looking forward to seeing what else you are crafting!


Community discussion and voting on the designs will take place in the Abundance Tribe Discord server throughout the day on May 2nd, to select designs and determine our 3 winners. Mark it folks.

Please make sure you use @everyone tag to remind us x

I did in the AT Discord server.

Oh I will no doubt. I got you.

Thanks for featuring my design! Looking forward to posting my 2.0 version of it in 2 days.

Looking forward to that also. Good work brother.

Greetings thanks for presenting my design


Thankful for the evaluation of my publication. I already made the separator recommendation. And soon I will make my next entry

Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!

Wow, this is going to be tough, but we are going to have some bangin' graphics😀


Wow.. they are all awesome
I already have my fave! Good work organising this @elemental!!!!

Thank you for your appreciation. Keeping up with a contest this big has actually been quite a bit of work (not to mention all the "man-hours" put into all the designs by all the participants) - well worth every bit of it. I needed this massive amount of creative energy around me right now, this contest has helped me a lot. I am honored to assist in providing some awesomeness for our community once again. Blessings.

It can be time consuming, that's for sure! Can't wait to see them all and chat about the final decision.

Gracias por publicar mi propuesta, agradecido