5 Best Fresh Markets in Phuket Town

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One of Phuket's fresh markets - Talad Kaset

Fresh markets is a nice name for wet markets these days. When we buy local and support our neighbors the money stays within the community. Especially in these times the concept is quite important. As well, much of the produce is produced locally so not only fresher but often times without chemicals added. Health is wealth.

These markets in Phuket town are so amazing that 5 markets in one post would be quite a long post. So, I'll do 5 posts for 5 markets. Hope this post finds you all well and able to get out and enjoy the markets near you. This post is for the Market Friday by @dswigle.


Today will be Talad Kaset (Robinson's Market)

The local name is Kaset Market (Talad in Thai) because the location is behind the Robinson shopping center. Morning is a fresh market and evening mostly small restaurants and stalls. I'm a morning type so here we'll see the morning market and all it has to offer. I went around 930 so just before closing time.


The view from outside gives little clue to the beauty of the inside.


Watermelons and durian. Fruits vary according to what's in season. Thais love fruit!


Eggs and onions. Pink eggs are a version of old eggs preserved with a local recipe.


Sapodilla (like a sour mango) on left with soft bamboo.


Santol on the left is sweet and sour with the green veggies like mini eggplants.


Home made traditional Phuket curry pastes.


Some more local Phuket curries. Very spicy for sure.


Red chilies to light your meal on fire.


Knom krok griddles.


Local oven style for the knom krok. Super hot.


Knom krok is a coconut sauce sour treat. Sugar is added on top.


Local roses.


Flowers to take to the Buddhist temple.


Bamboo and pickled veggies.




All the veggies you could ever want.


Clean and colorful.


Tofu with soy milk. The dark milk is with sesame.


Thais put flowers in their car for good luck. The jasmine flowers smell wonderful.

These girls work hard but enjoy making the flower wreaths in the market.


Thai style coconut scraper. Local coconut meat and milk are on sale.


Coffee for 10 baht. I'll have to give it a try some day. Cheapest I've seen in Phuket.


This market is just one of many here in Phuket town. Stay tuned for the next market next Friday! Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed. Local markets like these are the lifeblood of local communities where buyers and sellers build lifelong friendships.


Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed my post

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Thank you for sharing😊 คุณสบายดีไหมคะ

You're welcome. Hope you guys can visit them with me someday :)

Well, I think it's obvious where Cambodia gets its tofu presses from. That smaller square pressed into the center of the tofu blocks is something so familiar from Cambodia.

Yes local tofu is the best! I reckon Cambodian press would be from 'Thailand or Vietnam hehe. I'll show you some other types in the next post. This lady selling here is from Myanmar and sells in this market in the morning and evening in another market. Busy lady. She and her husband make everything at home. Do you have much tofu in Surinam?