Home Education Curation Collection. 20th September 2020

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We have a nice mixture of features this week, with a focus towards getting down to the nitty gritty of learning.



As @arrliinn shows us, when you're a homeschooler, you can't just use stamps, you have to make them from scratch yourself!


Not all children are the sort to do academic bookwork, but as they get older and look towards certain careers, even the homeschooled may have to turn to this kind of studying. @ryivhnn lays out some loose outlines for working towards pharmacy, biomed and/or biotech for this kind of situation.


In some places there is still uncertainty about when children will be starting back to school or if they'll still be learning at home for a bit longer. This is the case for @sabrip, so she's been helping her son with his letters and writing to make sure he doesn't fall behind when he does return to school.


It was an exciting day for the @johndoer123 family when the homeschool supplies arrived! He has picked out a self designed curriculum with his son's strengths in mind to give him the best chance of progressing in all areas. A great example of how homeschooling can be tailored to fit the learner.


Let's finish off with a science experiment from @elsocio, involving saturated solutions.


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September and the new school year is starting for the northern hemisphere! Do you, as homeschoolers, go with the school years or just educate to your own calendar?

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