Home Education Curation Collection. 4th June 2020

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This week is a student centred week, where the students are leading the learning or personally sharing what they're doing. Seriously, I think these kids are more on the ball than me! ;D



Ten year old SreyYuu, of @kidsisters shares a Lego story with us, created from start to finish!


@ashtv's boy has been watching demonstrations of primitive skills and now it looks like he's decided it's time for him to start trying them out himself!


@cassidydawn has been very busy lately, but I'm grateful she found the time to show us the latest project she's started with latch hooking.


@romeskie's little one has guided mum towards play centred learning and even seems to have gotten mum working on her drawing skills. ;D It's a veritable demonstration of how we learn alongside our children.


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Loving to see this community plugging away, laying down really solid foundations for a new and different world.

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Love this collection :)

SreyYuu has tons of ideas for new posts not that she's getting settled in on Hive. Thanks @homeedders for all the support.

I love her motivation and enthusiasm. I struggle to get my teens to post anything, yet they have so much they could share.

A big thank you to all the authors who continue to share and to the curators who check the HomeEdders page regularly and respond to these authors.

@tipu curate

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