Home Education Curation Collection. 5th September 2020

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I'm a little earlier with the curation this weekend, because tomorrow it's Father's Day, so I'll be busy cooking for the dads in the family. This week I'm spoilt for choice with homeschooling content and the posts are flooding in for the current #HomeEducationDebate challenge. I'll be saving them for the wrap up, though, so keep them coming!

In other good news, I noticed that our HP seems to have increased again, so I'd like to thank @crosheille and @justinparke for adding their support. It is truly appreciated!



I really liked this perspective on homeschooling from @zephalexia, a parent who's come into this position due to the quarantine lockdowns. It's an interesting perspective to see through the eyes of someone who had been thrust into this position, when it wasn't something they'd ever considered before.


There is more from @libertyacademy. This time the learning is centred around Little House on the Prairie.


@sumatranate is asking if our world view impacts how we homeschool. For him it's a yes and you can read why, then perhaps respond with your own thoughts on the subject.


If your child likes to build, then maybe you could take @cmplxty's approach and guide them in building something for real time use! It can be surprising just how capable young children really are.


While official education starts at 3, 4, 5 or 6, depending on your country, as parents we're teaching our children from the time they are born. We just don't usually think of it that way, unless we're @bearone, who has been investigating and playing with music for little Bella.


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I have pointed @stemgeeks to your community, they had a contest I thought would right up the home school alley, unfortunately it did not get much traction and they are looking for contest ideas for the future.

Perhaps a visit to each others communities can help both out a little bit as school season is just beginning in America.

Thanks, that sounds like agood idea. I'd never really thought of doing things cross community like that.

Absolutely!! It’s a pleasure supporting and being apart of this community ~ ♥️

Aww thanks, and there I was feeling like I've really been slacking off on the interaction as it's been a bit silly around here recently ^_^;

Ditto! Must be something in the air. I don't seem to be able to catch a breath, lately!

It's the least I could do, I am honored to support @homeeddeers.

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May I sink to my knees and thank you for the reminder that it is Australian Father's Day tomorrow? My own father deceased already 11 years and I am not a fan of Hallmark occassions, but it matters to my mum (now 84) that someone remembers. It will mean the world to her to wake up to a msg that I'm thinking of her on Fathers Day. Even if I almost wasn't. 😆 Gratitude!

Glad I could be of some use! 🤣

I'm loving seeing all the activity happening in the community and tags! Lots of new perspectives.

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