Some News and We'd love to Hear How You're Dealing with Lockdown as Home Educating Families.

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This week has been a little quiet on the homeschooling front, but there has been one young girl who is documenting her learning journey with her sister who has been holding the torch. @kidsisters currently live in Suriname, their native language is not English, but they are learning fast along with other languages. If you haven't already I recommend paying their account a visit.

It's been a while since we did a topic for the week and @trucklife-family has suggested it would be great to hear from our home educators how lockdown has affected their lives. So many have been forced into home educating their children whereas we always did, but still it has been a huge change for us all. How have you and your kids been dealing with lockdown?

As a new initiative, I will be selecting at least one of our HomeEdders community members to be the recipient of a 5% beneficiary for every post made from the @HomeEdders account. I'd like to select two this time and they are @trucklife-family and @ryivhnn for their ongoing support from the inception of this community.

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Ahh that's so sweet! Thank you it will probably all end up in hp at some point.

We're dealing with lockdown in a fairly calm and mature fashion (for the most part, youngest is pitching fits on occasion because we can't do skate parks) because we know why even though it's extremely and unforgivably disruptive and inconvenient XD

Homeschooling is failing at the moment because bookwork doesn't work for us and we've been swinging wildly between lots of anger and resentment as I force them to do some work (and usually it doesn't get done as they refuse) and everyone just doing their own thing (in the case of the kids usually nonstop gaming and Youtube though middle child has also been writing and drawing and making Tiktoks and "edits") and having occasional conversations (some quite interesting and in-depth that I'm trying to remember for hs misc though it never makes for as interesting a post).

There's never a good time for a panpanic but personally this timing was particularly atrocious because we have to make up for last year when middle child basically stuffed up the entire year by going to school -_-

It's really not an ideal situation for hands on learners. Are they missing gymnastics? That was about the only thing that got Izzy away from screen time for a bit (particularly with her doing SACE online). I haven't had the energy to do much enforcing to get her off and for a nearly 17 year old it's getting harder to justify it when there aren't many other alternatives. She does try to find other things now and again, if her mood isn't stubborn mode. Baking can usually lure her off.

thanks for that, I wish I could help out more, but life is so busy these days and I have been spending more time off line, which is good. I will be answering this question tomorrow xxx

Thanks for your support @homeedders! We're doing the best we can here in Suriname. They offered us no schooling solutions 2 months ago when the government shuttered most services. So, we've been learning how to Hive, and Srey Yuu (@KidSisters) is an incredibly fast learner.

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