Srey Yuu’s 🏫 HomeSchool Journal 🏠 #29

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I'm 11 years old, and my HomeSchool Journal helps me learn how to post and use Hive all by myself, and much, much more.

Srey Yuu's Daily HomeSchool Journal and its template are supervised by Dad 👳‍♂️ (@justinparke).
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#2 - Shoot, crop and upload an 800x480px cover image using the Image Size iOS app.
#3 - Type and proofread all your text on your own.
#4 - Write this journal at least 2 days a week.
#5 - All additional images shall be 1680x1292px.

Homeschool Journal 📓 #29
Date 📅 Thursday, July 23th, 2020
Location 🗺️ Paramaribo, Suriname

🗣️ New Words Learned ✍️

direction: which way is the way that you need to go
We need to find a direction.
flor: a beautiful plant that bees and butterflies drink water from it and bees made honey from it
Yo tango diez flores.
aardbei: a fruit that is red with the beautiful taste that grow on the cold places
De aardbei is lekker.
វេទមន្ត: (magic) a power that make somethings disappear or make that thing into somethings else.

📸 2 Pictures From Today 🤳

     This picture is a beautiful draw that I ever did before. I don’t know how to draw people to much because I’m not good with arms legs and eyes also a nose. I’m not sure that you all like it or not I don’t know.

     This picture I make it at school. I draw another in my drawing book but it’s at school. My teacher give me for this one is 8.50. All my friend like it.😁 My sister also like it.

🧠 My Thoughts... 🤔

     I want to draw a person but I don’t know how. I want to know how to make a dessert. I want to know people on hive feel about me. I want know about the dinosaur 🦖. I want to know more about the space. I want to know what does people from.

     I want to know how to make Thai foods. I want to know how to skate. I think my sister want to a baker when she grow up. I want to know how to make India foods because it is very delicious and beautiful look. I want my next year birthday just like this year.


Monkey B

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You are very clever but you need to learn more than everyday it’s a good for your future.

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I like your drawings! The girl has such big, pretty eyes! 😍

You said:

I want to know people on hive feel about me.

You are smart, you are fun, you are pretty, and I like reading your blog! 🙂

Thank you so much @thekittygirl. I like you too

I love your school diary.😊
You are very good in drawing!!!
Cross posting in the Kidz Community

I well and thank you so much for supporting me.


Nice drawings. I was never able to draw anything. Every time I tried, the result was a total mess. So... I gave up.

Yo tango diez flores

I think you meant "Yo tengo diez flores" because Tango... is a Musical and Dance Style! 😆

Thanks so you don’t know how to draw so can you draw a car or maybe a flower? Yes, I put the way😅

No, sadly I cannot draw anything. Only illegible scribbles. 🤣