Lockdown as Homeschoolers; We're Home Educators, Not Hermits!

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My daughters are in their late teens now, so homeschooling isn't really like it used to be. My eldest is in university now, so I'm only supervising my youngest, Izzy, while she does her year 11/12 certificate via Open Access College. You'd think lockdown wouldn't have had much affect on us. After all, we're used to being at home if we homeschool.


Here in South Australia we've probably had one of the least restrictive lockdowns of anywhere that's chosen to lock down. Some schools finished early and extended their breaks, but they've not shut their doors and the state has encouraged attendance, while accepting that some might still choose to isolate. Ironically, because our restrictions are so loose with regards schooling, we are actually more isolated than the children who still get to interact with others at school.

Gymnastics has been declared a no go zone, as have many of the spots we might have traveled to for an excursion. While Izzy, my introvert, is actually quite in her element isolating herself, I've found it harder than I expected not having that chance to interact with real life people while she does her gymnastics and I think that after nearly two months of this, even Izzy is missing physical interactions. She's getting itchy feet and wanting to go places again.

The atmosphere in the home hasn't been the best. My husband was away working during the week until recently and my eldest, the extrovert, struggled the most with not being able to have her usual social life and with her physical interactions at university being cut off. One person's mood can affect the whole family, especially if you can't escape each other. My garden has been my escape and I try to encourage Izzy to step out into the sunshine occasionally, but it's usually a fleeting visit.

Another thing that has been put on hold is her driving lessons. I can only teach her so much, before the rest has to be done by the teacher and examiner. Had driving lessons not been restricted, she would probably have been finished and ready for the final test by now. So that's a part of her education which has been put on hold. On the bright side, she's been flying through her school work, because we don't have to leave for gymnastics in the afternoon.

For those who suggest that this lockdown doesn't affect homeschooling families like it does everyone else, then I can only say that they are still stuck in that misconception that homeschooled children don't leave the house or do any extra curricular activities. Homeschoolers simply learn outside of the school system, they are not hermits.


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I have been sorting quite a number of people out in this regard ;D

Stuff is slowly opening back up here so I'm not slowly going to start diving back into things.

We've had a few restaurants allowed to open today, with the next wave coming on 5th June. Hopefully it will mean a few other places start to open up to. We're eying up some bouldering climbing places for a late birthday outing for Izzy. She turned 17 today. Both my girls' birthdays ended up in the lockdown and Angel was devastated because she'd booked a venue and it was cancelled on her. There's me trying to console her with "it's okay if it's not done on your actual birthday, you can still celebrate later." meltdown continues...

Next Thursday is the virtual meetup. If SA continues on this path, we should be back at the Jade for June, so that's something to look forward to :)

Fingers crossed. It will be good to meet in person again.

I can PROMISE you that @homeedders are maybe MORE effected - they CHOSE a level a freedom no one else signed up for and that's being denied. We too, have been struggling with moodiness and seeing too much of each other, and even our big rambly Thai house has not been big enough some days.

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I think sometimes, @artemislives, that the word "home" in homeschooling and home education gives people the wrong impression about it. Perhaps free learning should be taken on instead, or unschooling be used a bit more, but that is generally a specific learning style that not everyone follows.

Well said.
And then it about one persons mood affecting others in the family.. so VERY true! Especially in the house with a 2yr old and a 6yr old.

Interesting to read about how relaxed things are in South Australia.

I think things here in the UK are far stricter, in the sense there’s now this overriding sense of people being very VERY sensitive about social distancing.
Not from a legal/breaking the law perspective but more one of an uneasy suspicion of everyone else maybe having it.
Which I understand that’s whole point - but I feel like it’s changing us forever in how we will interact in this society.
The kids are going to suffer from all this.

However I will try to keep positive!

That's interesting re the social distancing paranoia. We've always had viruses we can potentially pass to one another and there's no escaping the fact that flu kills susceptible people yearly. I only recently learnt that 2017 was a particularly bad year of lives lost due to flu. I get the feeling that some really believe that catching Covid19 is a death sentence for anyone. I hope eventually it becomes a distant memory.

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