Planting with my Toddler

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It is my first time growing celery and lettuce indoors, and I am glad we did it and surprised how easy it was. We love these two crunchy vegetables in our salad, so instead of tossing the whole thing in our salad bowl. I cut the base of each vegetable, about 3 inches long from the base, soaked them in a small container and placed it in a sunny windowsill. I change the water regularly, every 2 days.


And lo and behold, I can see some tiny leaves sprouting.


It was about a couple of weeks before I saw some roots.

It makes me happy everytime i see them in the window. They look very green and fresh.

These are pictures of the vegetables over three weeks in the jar. The leaves are expanding and getting taller.



It is time to transfer them in a container where they can grow and develop more.

I have a little helper who happily helps me with planting. It was our preschool activity for today, planting and watering the plants.


Planting with children Offers:

  1. It benefits them with their fine motor skills by scooping the soil into the pot.
  2. Achieving responsibility, patience and sense of accomplishment.
  3. To enhance Language development and to follow instructions.

It is a fun activity project for me and my child. It was an opportunity to play, learn and to spend quality time.


We are patiently waiting for our harvest time to put into our salads and soup.

This is the picture of our capsicum/pepper seedlings and they are still growing everyday.

What vegetables or plants are you growing?

Thank you for coming.

Have a wonderful day.


Awesome stuff here! I love it. Planting indoors is a great way for kids to get to do this type of stuff without the potential dangers of bugs and stuff (spiders, ticks) and gets them to participate in the process. We are getting ready to do some planting of our own in the coming few days!

Another really fun one to plant and re-use is green onions, or scallions if you like them. We've planted the bottoms of that often and it's nice to watch them grow again!

Hello @cmplxty, first of all Greetings and Thank you for connecting with me. It is indeed really fun for their busy minds . And yes, we are planting indoors as we are living in an apartment.
We do have scallions too and they're really easy to grow. Happy planting!


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Such a beautiful activity! I bet yoiur kiddo had a lot of fun!
I personally love the time we spend in the garden! I found it so rewarding, both for me and my child!

Absolutely, it was messy and fun. I hope you and your family are doing well. Greetings!

OOOhhh there's no question how much they love messy and fun!!!! :D:))))
Yes, thank you so much! Everyone is doing great. Right now, my little one is to his grandparents's house till tomorrow. Thanks God I will have a FULLY NIGHT TO SLEEP!!!!!
Greetings to you too!

I enjoy gardening with my daughter too. And we have celery too :)

Sweet, that's nice to know. Greetings from UAE. And thank you for the comment.

Wow the celery & lettuce are beautiful. I love it!

You bet, i cant wait for the harvest. Must be exciting.

Ang sipag naman ng bata-batuta (^_^)

Thank you po. - michael
Godbless din po.

You're welcome Michael.

Very cool, it's good for kids to get their hands dirty, especially while learning some important lessons. Every now and then we save carrot tops to sprout for the greens.

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