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I'm noticing there is less use of the cannabis tag...

Well here to save the day. We are giving out upvotes to subscribers and also to the amazing dank cannabis content.

Especially if you are growing your cannabis.

Now we focus on the original creators.

And yes @ganjafarmer is judging the content creator.

If you are doing links or old news we pass.

Bait and switch trying to get traffic on your smoke or other platform? Sorry can't vote that.

This is a community for growing smoking and appreciation for the flower.

Well to this...

I'm honoring all the best cannabis content.

It's an honor to be able to promote the best and dankest. The phattest growers and smokers. And hopefully glass art as well.







Well we are going to be really taking off.

Some huge moves here and I'm growing things here with the native sp. So yeah pretty excited to see tomorrow.

And the future of hive and the communities are just growing. Really happy with this.

And if you have questions you can find me in town Halls. Occasionally MSP or pal. I'm not hard to find.

All original content rules.

We will introduce ourselves and show the world what we can do.

From the benefits to the natural human body having a historic connection with this plant.. to the cutting edge research to the medicinal value for the human species?

Let alone the human cost of the war on drugs.

To the fiber food and the big Diesel trucks that can all run on a environmentally friendly fuel?

Which there isn't anyone on this planet that isn't for caring for it.... Unless they are just an evil person.

But we are here to heal nation's and the world. To bring a plant and a flower to the world...

Thanks and love your grower!!

And all votes go to throw more rewards. So if you like us know we are 100% powering up and throwing rewards. If you want to join our delegations to support us awesome! Also have a curation trail as well! Tha ks and love your original work!!!!

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How much of the content in this post is yours?

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All of it... Original content by me.

Might see my name in the post? Photography all by me.

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Congratulations! 1000 hive to throw votes with. Growing community in the beginning! Remember to use the cannabis tag!!!

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