Hollywood created the pandemic by using Frozen 2 & Law of Attraction principles

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As crazy as this title sounds I am going to show you now how I predicted the manifestation of "an invisible enemy" back in March 2019 when I published an article entitled Frozen 2 has cast a spell on the children in which I describe the dark tone of the trailer and how I believed it would create a huge negative event of some kind, beginning at the end of 2019.

Original article seen here:
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I go on to explain:

"Our hero makes two attempts to escape but giant waves hold her back. They appear impenetrable, even with her fancy ice-magic. Over half the trailer is dedicated to the giant waves sequence while the rest is frantic, with a sense of urgency & helplessness."

Something felt off about it so I sat down and had a think, coming up with the following words:

Screen Shot 20200517 at 22.42.36.png

I then went on to connect the dots on how focused attention can change reality:

Screen Shot 20200517 at 22.15.29.png

The mystery of the numbers

I have already mentioned the trailer was watched by 116M on its first day. Confirmed by this news article.

Screen Shot 20200517 at 22.12.56.png

Frozen films on YouTube are kinda popular. 2 Billion views here.

Screen Shot 20200517 at 23.04.09.png

To put things in perspective:

In December 2012, "Gangnam Style" became the first video to reach one billion views wiki

I saw with my own eyes how the number of views for the Frozen 2 trailer went above 1B after a few months, as one would expect. So many excited children, desperate to see more of their favourite characters, watching it over and over endlessly.

So why do you suppose YouTube would feel the need to reduce the number of views down to just 93M? I took this screenshot today.

Screen Shot 20200517 at 20.13.48.png

I can assure you this is the same trailer. And they have reduced the number of views because it likely topped out as THE most viewed YouTube trailer of all time. And they did not want that kind of attention on a such a dark toned piece which people like me might question.

Now that I am thinking about it, another great reason to change the numbers is to make people like me look mad! Perfect.

Law of Attraction

Billions of children around the world repeatedly watched this unsettling trailer. Then they spent hours and hours imaging the plight of their hero, Princess Anna.

Simply put, Law of Attraction is this: Where your attention goes, your energy flows and you attract what you concentrate upon. It is also known that the more people who focus on something, the more effective this Law becomes.

Speaking from experience I can tell you that manifesting never happens the way one expects because what we are really manifesting is not a particular event but a feeling and it is up to the Universe to match its interpretation of our feelings with physical events.

So, what were the feelings which were endlessly focused on by these billions of children over the last year?

I will let you watch the trailer and judge for yourself but I would personally sum it up with the following words:

Trapped, powerless, little, under attack, helpless, frantic, tense, confused.

And pretty in the final shot.


Though look carefully and you will see Anna still has those fists clenched. It's subtle but kids subconsciously pick up on things like this.

Netflix is mind control for the adults

Nelflix is ranked by Alexa as the 20th most visited website in the world.

Those of you who use it will already know how Netflix decides on certain films it wants to promote and puts them in you face for a few months, every time you open their site. I noticed last Summer how they were pushing films like Contagion, Outbreak & 2012 over and over. Personally I saw them years ago so didn't waste my time, but how many people would have been prompted to watch them for the first time and go through the roller coaster ride of emotions created by these unsettling films?

Then, on Jan 21st 2020, Netflix released a documentary called Pandemic, highlighting the horrors of pandemics and the idea that mass vaccination is the only solution. And just like the others it was relentlessly pushed on us to make sure as many people as possible watched it.


I mean it doesn't get much more blatant than that.

In conclusion

There are many factors which have contributed to the physical aspects of this pandemic but it seems to me that Hollywood have figured out how to use the minds of billions to aid the manifestation and overall acceptance of it.

Perhaps I am alone in my thinking here but doesn't it feel like all of this has gone down way too easily? How is it that so many people are unable to see the manipulative way in which the New World Order have positioned themselves at the world throne, without any opposition at all?

They did it by using the Law of Attraction to their advantage, on an unimaginable scale.

Finally I want to point out that Frozen 2 itself likely contains all kinds of clever subliminal triggers. It was released on Nov 22nd and those billions of children who watched the trailer then flocked to see the film in the cinema. Less than a month later the coronavirus was reported for the first time to the WHO on Dec 31st.

Disney even pushed the streaming release date forward, to better match the lockdown and increase the number of views.

Screen Shot 20200518 at 07.57.31.png

What a thoughtful surprise.

In case you are wondering Frozen 2 quickly went on to become the highest grossing film of all time and you can be sure I won't be watching it or showing it to my children. They are powerful manifestors and I would like for you all to remain as safe as possible ;)

Keep your minds open and your wits about you. This puzzle is complex, cunning and continuous.

If you are still struggling to believe that Hollywood could possibly be involved in the dark desires of the elite I suggest watching this compelling feature length documentary which "lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content". Much better than that Netflix junk!

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I remember when the first one was all the rage. Interestingly, my girls weren't that fixated on it, but they were probably older than yours currently are. (By the way, the blonde one is Elsa, Anna is the brown haired, none magical one. Sorry, I have a bug up my rear about details...😅)

Recently a friend sent me a link to a film called Out of the Shadows.

It discusses the movie industry. I haven't watched it all, but it reminded me of something my husband was watching a while ago about how the powers that be use movies to let us know what they're planning to do. Something to do with it being part of their rules that they have to let everyone know what they're planning and if no-one protests it's taken as consent.

Ah yes, I'm mixing up the names! Shows how well I was concentrating ;)

I mentioned Out of Shadows in my closing paragraph. In fact, I tacked it on as an afterthought because it does seem to confirm the plausibility of what I am saying.

And yes, having our consent is essential for them. And letting us know in broad daylight exactly what they intend to do. Totally agree with that. But then of course, they confuse and distract us with tons of contradictory information. Symbology & numerology is also part of their magic. Check out the number 33 here, if you've not already seen it:

Looks like I was distracted too! I missed your mention in the last paragraph. Mind you, it was gone midnight, so I'm going to stick to that excuse! 😉

I hold back on saying there is anything intentional programming going on although I do suspect there is, I also suspect it isn't as nefarious as people think, though I can see that it must be going on to some extent because the obvious symbolism in a lot of shows. I think a lot of it is individual practitioners who are following a trend in Hollywood rather than coordinated secret society stuff, but what do I know.
I do feel there is probably also a lot of accidental programming that probably goes on too.

In any case, I feel the ridiculous amount of zombie films and shows had something to do with this.

I wouldn't worry about it too much. She's singing "Let it go", so it'll help people chill out despite craziness ;-)

Now that I am thinking about it "Let it go" is all part of this! Don't worry about all these new rules folks, just let it go ;) This is clearly the opposite feeling to a song with the title "Fight for your freedom" though something tells me Disney don't make songs with these kind of titles! I truly believe these kind of things are considered carefully. Especially when the film is designed to capture the minds of billions of children just prior to the NWO takeover.

It would be a mistake to underestimate how well planned this particular game is.

But I sure ain't worrying about it ;)

Just observing.

Yeah, I don't disregard the possibility, i just find a lot of the videos and content that "exposes" stuff is fanatic and often religious in nature. The video you left is one of the better ones I've seen.

The thing is, if they control Disney than they probably control the conspiracy theories too. I usually find the truth is usually right in the middle between the "out there" theories and the mainstream narrative, and that might even be by design. Infiltrate the truth tellers and insert and propagate more outragousness to make them look crazy. I really think that's how it works because it seems like the most effective way to control.

In the end it's all up to us and what we put our energy into though :-D Let it go ;-) hahahah

You are absolutely right. They do control 99% of the conspiracy theories. Which is why many disregard the 1% truth. I think the term was created by the CIA shortly after JFK death, to deal with the problem of too many people asking questions. And since then they have perfected the art of confusing & distracting us.

Anyway, as you say, we get to choose where we put our energy. Thank goodness :)

hear, hear!

Now you made me watch this trailer too. I hope it doesn't have the same effect as watching 'The Ring'. ;>)

Magic like this doesn't work once it has been identified as magic ;)

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Very interesting! I must confess I never looked that deeply at Frozen but I was very much aware how Frozen 1 affected the kids I work with in Pre-K (3 & 4yr. olds) lots were consumed by it and I tried to help them see that they have powers too for they almost worshiped Anna! I showed them how they have the power of kindness and power to make people smile, they didn't always buy it but I think a few thought about it.Oh the power of movies on young mind (or unaware minds)
I tried to watch that documentary you mentioned but it was unavailable - what was the name of the documentary, perhaps I can find it elsewhere?

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Hello @porters :)

Interesting connection there. Like you I was concerned to see how much Luna (age 3) idolised Anna and like you I wanted for her to know her own power rather than see it as something only ice princesses have! So now every time she blasts us with her invisible magic, Sabina & I get propelled to the other side of the room, and can't get near her till she stops using the 'magic'. It has been interesting to see how it has helped her develop more kindness. I can be a bit dramatic when she blasts me and I suppose it looks painful to her, so she will always stop blasting me and offer instead a kiss to correct the balance.

Most people don't consider for one moment the relevance of such things and would think we were nuts if they saw us getting blasted by invisible magic! I love your idea of having the power to create smiles. That sounds like a great game to play with them on a daily basis :)

I swapped the documentary link "Out of Shadows" with one which works. YouTube deleted that one fast!

I was thinking about this same thing while watching Waco. It shows that governments are completely incompetent to deal with serious situations while blowing small things out of proportion instead of admitting fault. This is at the same time that most authority is completely incompetent to deal with the current COVID situation while blowing this situation way out of proportion, causing more harm than good, and not willing to admit fault in the slightest. I'm wondering if they want people to rebel so they can use it as an excuse to over-react and implement more laws.

Sounds perfectly plausible to me. A little rioting will ensure continued militarised control of our streets. However, I personally believe the shit won't really hit the fan till the food starts running out.

I think your analysis is spot on - the more unconscious the programming, the more powerful it is. Also, Bill Gates did his part in a more left-brain way by warning about the pandemic for five years, and Event 201 was like a visualization exercise, designed to push past the 17 or 68-second barrier, to use Abraham terminology.

However, because LOA works in everything, I don't know if we can be certain that the programming is intentional (although I suspect a part of it probably is).

I love your post & I want to invite you to post all of your LOA-related posts to the Law Of Attraction community:

Help us make law of attraction a force to be reckoned with on Hive!!!

All the best!

Hello brother. It is always a pleasure to interact with those who not only see the importance of this Law, but also spend time promoting it. I enjoyed flicking through your group & personal posts and am so pleased to see you promoting this message so actively. For three years I posted Abraham on a daily basis (#dailyquotes) but seem to have lost my enthusiasm for that in recent months. I am a teacher and a farmer now, which means when there is sunlight I am busy.

Keep up the great work and also please keep in touch.

I have a strong vision of a community of like-minded people here in the Pyrenees. Fruit grows everywhere and we have water all year from the mountains. I can think of no better place to thrive at this time, so we look forward to others joining us here :)