HomeEdders Newsletter, 25th June 2020

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I hope you're all keeping well as this lockdown continues across the globe. I wonder how many people have different opinions on homeschooling now that so many more have had a taste of it.


You may have noticed our new profile pic thanks to @ryivhnn's sister!

Feel free to use as you wish and create a banner from it if you like, because I've no idea how...

I've been migrating the Steem over from our account there and powering it up as Hive. Unfortunately, I must confess that there is some Steem in limbo as swap.steem on Hive-Engine, which I can't seem to either convert to Hive or send back to the Steem account. My bad, I thought that Hive-Engine was liquid enough to exchange now. Hopefully at some point in the not too far future I can try again to exchange it. There are 4 more power downs to come over and I'll continue to keep them moving and, hopefully, not get them stuck in limbo.

I want to extend a big thank you for those who help to keep things ticking over on HomeEdders via posts and particularly via interactions on reblogs. I haven't been doing much more than upvoting and reblogging, so it's uplifting to see you picking up my slack! Thank you.

A quick shout out to @arrliinn and her @divinekids for sharing their science experiments this last week. Worth having a look at for some fun, learning ideas.

- @minismallholding

As a thank you for her help on getting us the logo and her continued efforts in the community, I'd like to gift @ryivhnn this post’s 10% beneficiary (increased from 5% moving forward).


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Thank you lovely HomeEdders!

@tipu curate

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I literally LOL'd to read your opening - YES, the experience of 2 months of online schooling has given me a vastly different thought about many aspects of "education".

Nice job with the newsletter.

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Thanks for dropping by, @artemislives. I'm guessing for many the taste of homeschooling is more along the lines of a revised school at home online, rather than how one might choose to homeschool. It must more fully bring home how the education system is working.

Aww thanks ^_^

I've asked a few people how they went, a lot of them enjoyed their sleep-ins and less rushing around, and a lot also said they were so very relieved to ship the kids back off to school XD I still feel sorry that everyone that was forced into it wasn't able to do it "properly" XD

Which community are you referring to? :D Coz I'm doing a pretty awful job in this one x_x though the reason I haven't been able to post hs misc is because my phone and my computer aren't talking to each other properly again >_<

I guess for those forced into homeschooling it's been more a case of supervising what the school system puts out, rather than being able to choose your own way of doing things. I'm with the ones who didn't miss the school run, though!

You quite often bail me out by beating me to questions on discord and commenting on some of the posts reblogged by the account.

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Thanks for the mention @homeedders and @minismallholding... ☺️

Thanks for your continued sharing. We love reading about your activities!