Some Great News of a Fantastic Opportunity and a Reminder for the Challenge.

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If there's one thing I love it's communities and how they reach out to help each other. First were had @steemitmamas reach out via @crosheille, because they have some homeschooling mamas there. Then today, @riverflows reached out to me from the @naturalmedicine community and has put #homeschooling as a tag for the front end on What this means is that you can tag #naturalmedicine on any of your posts along with the #homeschooling tag and it will be included on the NM front end for the opportunity to earn LOTUS.

For those who don't already know, @NaturalMedicine is a thriving community which promotes all natural lifestyle content, in addition to the obvious natural medicine and health, and feel that this includes the natural education that comes with homeschooling and unschooling. This is great news and a great opportunity for HomeEdders to reach another audience.


Also, a quick reminder about the current HomeEdders challenge with the chance to win a share of 10 Steem. Share with us “what benefits, perks or advantages have you experienced from homeschooling?”

So far we've had some wonderful responses from @freemotherearth and @trucklife-family:


If you're a home educator or are thinking about home educating, please join us on discord.

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Really pleased to support homeedders with LOTUS. You are free to join the NM server to post promo your posts if you like, or simply use the tag, even as your last tag, so it appears on our front end, so like minded individuals can find you. xx

This is really exciting! I love being apart of both communities so it will be nice tying in my homeschooling posts with the natural medicine community. Thank you @riverflows :)


@tipu curate

If anyone wants to be nominated for curating yourself, speak up please.

Yes, I'd like to know more details.

Sure. Go to for everything. In Short: When you're nominated you can curate in the name of tipu. When the rewards are high, you receive some of this reward, your score as a curator raises and your curator influence raises as well.

@tipu nominate

Looks like the project got quite popular very fast, so unfortunately nominations are paused.

We had to pull our daughter out of mainstream schooling this year. Luckily, we have a very good distance education system in Victoria (Australia) - Virtual School Victoria - which is designed to put together the curriculum for online delivery for kids who can't make it into classrooms for whatever reason.

It's not technically the same as 'home-schooling', which is a somewhat different concept, but still a much better option than what she was experiencing prior to this.

We've found a new school now, they are pretty amazing, and they are sharing the teaching with VSV, so she's doing part-time online, and part-time in school, which suits her at this point.

It's about time our education system had some form of disruption that moved us out of the Industrial Revolution era of learning. Imagine if we could do something on Steem to lead this revolution......?!?!

Homeschooling takes all forms. Many use a ready made curriculum or distance Christian education. I'm so glad you found something that works for your daughter. It can be really hard to work with some schools when it comes to part time attendance, so it sounds like you've found a gem. - @minismallholding

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I will definitely be checking out @naturalmedicine and learning more! It's wonderful to be connecting with so many like-minded homeschoolers and other humans who share a passion for nature in all its many forms! I enjoyed writing the post for your prompt, and @trucklife-family certainly rose to the challenge as well!

I think you'll like the Natural Medicine community. I just sent your crystals post their way.

I am so happy about this as these 2 communities are all about those things that are a huge part of my life, loving the support from one community to another xx

It's not something you'd immediately think of putting together, but they do gel well.