The Best Things About Homeschooling

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Before we started homeschooling, my daughters went to school. I certainly didn't miss those early morning runs, with the stress when I began educating them at home. I also didn't miss the bickering between my girls, all the way home at pick up time. This only ever occurred when they went to school, but during the school holidays, things became peaceful and they loved each other again. I don't know if it was the stress of dealing with their classmates all day which brought this on, or annoyance of my eldest having to deal with the different maturity level of her younger sister.

The advantages of homeschooling for us have been so numerous that I'd be hard put to try and list any advantages for having them in the school system. Emotionally, they were more stable and less stressed. We were able to work to their own pace. For my eldest this meant she wasn't being held back and getting bored due to repeating the same thing over and over. For my youngest it meant finding her way of learning. I always saw her as a hands on learner, but recently some information was brought to my attention by @crosheille via an old post from @canadian-coconut, which suggests she could be a right brain learner. Either way, we found the best ways for her to learn, so she didn't have to feel like she was stupid for not being able to learn the school, ‘one size fits all,’ way.

In the school environment a teacher has a huge class to teach and each class had to get ready and organised before lesson starts. Add that time to each class and the fact that the teacher will struggle to reach everyone individually and the 6 hour school day can be condensed into just a couple of hours if they're learning at home.

Educating at home means you don't have restrictions as to what they can learn about, giving scope to expand their learning into their own personal interests. With so much available on the internet, they really can learn whatever they want, which means they'll enjoy what they're learning and it's so much easier to learn when you're interested and enjoying it.

Because homeschooling is often much more child led and they are more likely to be taught how to work things out themselves, they are often in a better position if they go on to university. Because so much learning in school is rote learning and students are instructed on what they have to do throughout their day, if they then go to university they can often struggle with self motivation and organising themselves without constant instruction. They also don't always problem solve well in order to work things out. My eldest has been finding university easier than some of her schooled peers.


A perk I've really enjoyed about homeschooling is being able to go on outings without the crowds, because we can go in term time. Often you can get special offers on event places during the day when it's the school term, so not only is it not crowded, but it's cheaper too.

Then I can't finish up without mentioning one of the biggest advantages of homeschooling for me. I got to experience my daughters growing and learning instead of handing that over to a string of teachers who are practically strangers. They'll never be young again, so I'm grateful to have had that opportunity. My eldest is in university and much of what she's learning is way beyond me, but she still shares her learning with me. Sometimes it's just explaining it for me in a way I'll understand, which helps her to grasp concepts better herself. Other times she might be struggling and she may just need a bit of help putting things into perspective.

Learning comes in many forms and in the process of educating my children, I've also gained a lot of education myself.


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We also started homeschooling our 6 year old daughter this year and what a total blessing it is! Wouldn't have it any other way @minismallholding

I hope you all enjoy the journey ahead.

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Like you say at the end, it’s so amazing you get to be the one teaching them. I mean they are programmed to learn from us and I mean learn not be indoctrinated Into the system. There were plenty of homeschooled people at my university and they were all the most respectful and great students. You’re doing a great thing there and sadly it’s illegal here in Germany, which blows my mind that a government can decide that parents aren’t capable of teaching there own children. It makes me sick to think about!

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I heard Germany hasn't allowed homeschooling since Hitler outlawed it. It's interesting that this law has stayed, considering its origin. Is there a variety of school styles to choose from, or don't you get that option either? I went to a Waldorf school myself, which has German roots.

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Hitler outlawed guns too and that law has stuck as well :(


Yes there are Waldorf schools and Montessori. In Highschool there Are two options either normal Highschool where afterwards you can be a blue collar worker or gymnasium which means you can go to college after. I am not a fan of either but I went to school in the US during the “no child left behind” phase and that failed miserably. I didn’t learn anything useful. Had to learn everything about life on my own like critical thinking, how to apply for credit, how to do my taxes, how to apply for a job etc. it was basically a juvenile detention center.

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You're always learning, it's just that it's restricted during your school years to certain areas. I don't know the "no child left behind" policy. In England they're falling begins in literary, so their solution is to start them earlier. Now they're falling behind even more. Was the policy anything like that?

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Are you from South Africa?

No, I currently live in South Australia, but from England originally.

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@tipu curate 1

yes getting to see our children grow, being present for them and learning together. I have learnt so much with my girls. My 3 never went to school, so I never had any school runs to miss, and they learn at their own pace. Thanks so much for the link to canadian-coconut's post, I hadn't seen that but my eldest definitely fits into that xxx

That post was a real eye opener for me too. So glad crosheille shared it. It's in the homeschooling tips channel on discord if you ever need to find it again. Ironically, it shouldn't really matter how they learn or need to be pointed out, if we only choose to work with them as individuals, but our school system doesn't cater for it, so they end up needing labels.

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Sometimes it's just explaining it for me in a way I'll understand, which helps her to grasp concepts better herself.

Some programmers keep a rubber deck on their desk; so they can explain any problems they're having, to the duck. Helps them put it into words and crystallise it in their mind.

Don't interrupt a programmer talking to their rubber duck! 😁

It's funny how explaining a concept out loud or in writing helps to make better sense of it.

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Having to deal with super crowded popular areas (or just missing out entirely because the small one and I hate/don't cope with crowds XD) is one of the unfortunate side effects the middle child has discovered with her school experience XD

I love going places when there's almost no one else there.

You'll have to tell her all about the great day trips you're having while she's at school! ;D

My eldest is the only one in the family who can deal with crowds.

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This was so good! You pointed out some advantages that I have experienced but forget about. Like the lesser pay and smaller crowds we experience when going out during public school hours, it’s so awesome!

I can definitely attest to my children being capable of figuring things out on their own and learning how to problem solve while learning at home. I believe a homeschooling system really sets them up to be responsible, self thinking and problem solving individuals.

Oh yes, it is such a blessing being able to witness the growth of our children firsthand. I am able to experience every milestone because they are in my care daily.

I’m so glad @canadian-coconut’s post was helpful. It really was an eye opener and help to me to figure out what our son needed to be successful in his work and excel in his learning.

Great post ~

That's been one of my favourite advantages. We've had some wonderful day trips and you get a bit spoilt having popular places to yourself. Must get some more in now the new term has started.

How have things been going with your son with the new approach? Every child is so different, even though they come from the same parents.

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Sorry your daughters had such a negative experience and the school was clearly so not suited to your needs and expectations - good that you found a way to circumvent that. Homeschooling works for some, and not for others. In the end what matters is that it worked for your children. No one gets to make that call till they're about 50 and they have enough life experience to really evaluate if they were well prepared for the life they would have liked to lead.

You've done your best and can be proud of your efforts, regardless of the outcome.

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The best way to learn something is to prepare to teach it. I can totally see how home schooling would be excellent for both the teacher and the student.

Agreed. That's why I also love the idea of children helping to teach one another.

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