The Triumphant Return of Spring

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This Japanese maple is in our front yard. It is impossible to truly capture the beauty encompassed by such a magnificent tree. On any given spring day I can find multiple colors in the layers of leaves, sometimes up to 4-6 shades of 2-4 colors!

Greetings to you all!

Since this is my first official Hive post, I am going to take the time to briefly introduce myself!

Most people call me Spring. I am a magical part of nature here in the Great Smoky Mountains of eastern Tennessee. I spend most of my time raising children and working on our little homestead, sprinkled with a healthy dose of community involvement and pagan lifestyle choices. I have a passion for sustainability, holistic healing, and knowledge seeking. I am a homeschool mother and daughter of the cosmos.


This is my partner Rabbit and me enjoying a beautiful Sunday afternoon together. We spend every day together and work on lots of projects, but this day was laced with some relaxing time as well. The pendant is indeed a giant chunk of turquoise, a very special birthday gift from one of my dearest friends!

Last fall I discovered the excitement of a decentralized blockchain combined with a [mostly] conscious social platform, and even wandered into some of the discord channels.

And then, in January as things got in full swing, my computer decided to die.

After 4 months I now have a new computer. I am very pleased to participate in this new and improved platform and super grateful to be here. I am excited about Hive and I am already flitting about, checking out all the new bells and whistles. I have been taking pictures over the time I have been offline in anticipation of future posts, so some of the most fun will be deciding what to include!

Just wait until you see what we have been doing in the greenhouse and gardens! Also, with all of the complete insanity going on in the human world at the moment, I am looking forward to sharing my own journeys and how I am finding time to smile every single day, making the most of what life has to offer, and improving my own productivity and consciousness along the way.


This is my private swimming hole in the creek on our homestead. It gets almost waist deep. The water is cold year-round but in just a few more weeks it will be so hot in the garden I will be grateful for a plunge into the pool!

P.S.: Thanks for the survival guide @jacobpeacock! I know it's going to come in handy often these next few weeks. (

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You are welcome. Glad that it helps @freemotherearth!

Cheers and Happy Hiving!