Homesteaders - Living Naturally, Newsletter. 25th September 2019

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As September draws to a close, it brings to an end another productive month for the communities. I hope you enjoy what the communities are bringing to the platform and the great posts featured this week and I'll see you next month!

Things happening in the community.

Over at @ecotrain it's full steam ahead in the eco-village direction. The question of the week asks what your perfect day would look like in the eco-village of tomorrow. The weekly curation post is now the Global Steem Village News and the focus will be much more on eco living and supporting the environment. You don't have to be an @ecotrain passenger to have a chance of being featured, you just need to use the #ecotrain tag for your environmental and eco friendly content. This tag is manually curated by @eco-alex and @artemislives, along with the ecotrain passengers so please don't spam in with irrelevant content.


Now that the @naturalmedicine front end is all up and running, the Natural Medicine Challenge is back. There should also be an announcement to come from @riverflows on the @homesteaderscoop and LOTUS promotion.


I hope you'll welcome a new alternative lifestyle community into the fold. For those who home educate, we now have the @HomeEdders community.


Some highlights of the week

At Ligaya Garden they grow a lot of perennial plants. The @ligayagardener shares why that is with great tips to keep gardening from being overly time consuming.


We can sometimes take water for granted when we live in a country where it comes clean from the tap. So what do we do in an emergency, when we don't have access to tap water? @queenmountain walks us through some emergency water filtration methods which can be used on the go or in an emergency.


I've heard about planting by the moon often over the years, but never really found the time to look into how and why it's supposed to work. @lizelle's explanations of lunar planting keep it simple and easy to understand.


Arnica is a medicinal plant I haven't learnt much about yet, so I found @myhomesteaded's video on harvesting and making arnica oil quite useful in both getting to know how the plant looks and what arnica oil can be used for.


I don't usually feature this many posts, but I couldn't leave out this comprehensive one on loofah from @kindredacres.


Thank you for stopping by. This week's newsletter was brought to you by @minismallholding.

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Thank you so much for the feature, wonderful informative posts here!

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You're welcome. I'm glad you enjoyed the posts. Lots of great content producers this week. 😊

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This is a wonderful curation, I am looking forward to reading and learning from these wonderful posts.What wonderful skills that have been shared xxx

We've had some wonderful content, which certainly makes it easier to curate. 😊

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Aww Thanks for featuring our post!! And AH! So many good articles here!! Thankfully I have a little time before I have to work. I've got some reading to do! ;) First up....Planting By The Moon....that sounds right up my alley. ;)

A real pleasure! There have been some wonderful posts of late. 😊

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