Homesteaders - Living Naturally, Newsletter. 6th November 2019

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A new week and a new month. November already and 2019 is heading rapidly to its close. The years seem to be flying by of late! Or is that just me getting old?

Despite winter closing in, in the busiest half of the world, there still seems to be plenty of activity on the homesteading front. This week I've got a couple of Australian contributors for you to balance out the approaching winter with approaching summer.

Things happening in the community.

The @ecotrain question of the week is out. The question is "In what ways has centralisation failed us" and this week there is a 100 Steem prize pool.


@naturalmedicine is collaborating with @innerblocks for their latest challenge.


Some highlights of the week

The @ligayagardener has been expanding his aquaponics set up, much of it making use of readily available cast offs. When you put your mind to it, it's amazing what can be put into production on a small budget in a small space.


The @homesteadhippy is at it again, making delicious food from simple ingredients. This time It's a savoury dish of bbq pulled chicken tacos.


A week ago @duckpondsfarm set up a top bar hive and now he walks us through the first inspection, explaining what he's looking for and why.


Some long term dedication went into this post from @whatisnew, to bring us a progression of the fruiting process of American pokeweed.


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This is perhaps not entirely on-topic, but have you guys ever through about teaming up with the @naturalproducts tribe; they have their own SCOT token and front end and such? Seems like there might be quite a bit of overlap and some potential for synergy.

Interestingly enough, I've just been looking at their front-end. We already have close ties with the @naturalmedicine tribe, but I can certainly run the idea by our contributors, at least for tagging naturalproducts. @sagescrub, the developer of HSCO, is currently afk with a new baby, so we're really just running on back up at the moment, keeping things ticking over for the account.

Thanks for the of topic. ;D

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Thanks so much for the feature. There is so much to learn from your newsletter. Keep up the great work! : )

Thanks so much for mentioning @ecotrain's Question of the Week - and for putting together such a nice curation.

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Thanks for the include! There's some great stuff here

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Great read thanks, off to read all the new ideas now 💯🐒