Wednesday April 7, 2021

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Posting early tonight. They cancelled work, so I'm home and up for the night. I'll have plenty of quiet time to work on some things I've been meaning to get to.

This morning I stayed at work four hours for overtime, so I got home around noon. I didn't have a lot of time or energy to get a whole lot of things done, but I think I used my time efficiently.

Shade tree chickens

Maters and taters

I planted out four more tomatoes and a jalapeno plant. In the morning I'll plant more. Turns out the chickens have the good sense not to eat the toxic nightshade leaves and the cages seem to be dissuading them digging by the plants. I'll plant out the remainder of our bigger seedlings to make room for uplifting the smaller ones. I might do that tonight, who knows.


The Hopi blue corn is coming up. Supposedly it's still early to plant corn, but y'all know how much attention I pay to such things. When this variety is about a foot tall, I'll plant painted mountain corn. I don't know if that'll give enough time to prevent cross pollination, but I'm kinda to the point where I'd be okay with God wanted to give us a painted mountain/Hopi blue cross that'd be grown here.

Mental math just now, with Hopi blue being a 100 day corn, and painted mountain being a 90 day corn, foot-tall should provide plenty of time to prevent crossing.

I also turned the compost, tested plumbers tape on the pig waterer, and installed a 4-way manifold on the north water spigot. It's good to have all my little projects close together for easy transitions from project to project. My mind wanders a lot, so if I have my projects close together, it doesn't wander far from one project to the next. I'm glad I'm only on half an acre, I wouldn't get anything done ever if it had more space for my mind to wander.

Our compost is coming along well. As @bobydimitrov would say, it's "scientific compost," so it'll be finished pretty soon. I don't do compost often enough, but this new bag mower should be fixing that. Being able to direct that fertility at will is going to be really cool.

Brass water manifold

After those few things were done, it was time to check on the rabbits. OMB's babies are super cuddly. They wiggle a bit when you first pick them up, but they snuggle right into my palm and resume their napping.

Sweet naptime cuddle bun

These little buns have some really cool colors. Some brindle patterns, some reds like their daddy, a couple browns, maybe a chinchilla, only one black bun, and no whites. I love the variety of colors from these little homesteady mutts. The plain colored rabbits aren't much fun to me, I like a good mix to keep things visually appealing.

Well, that's enough from me for the night. I've got midnight projects to work on!

Love from Texas

Nate 💚


OMG, the babbit! I've never held one so small, in all those years my mother raised rabbits... you must have the most cuddle-tolerant breed in the world! Epic!

They are very cuddle tolerant! The momma's know my smell because I let them every day, and the buns get petted from about three days old. They're not very cute at that age, so I don't post many pictures lol