If you want to end war, stop killing animals and eating them

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If you want to end war, stop killing and eating animals on the mass scale, by the millions all over the planet every day. Give up violence on the poor and helpless, or be considered an abuser, a criminal, a murderer. That’s what you are, even if it’s your butcher, your cattle farmer, who is killing massively for their profit and pleasure, while you receive the body flesh to stuff in your mouth as the blood of that little creature drips down your chin, and into your gut and into your soul. You are a walking barrel of dead corpse.
Some of my pets outside my house. That's Shaun on the left.

Don’t come try to sprout philosophy, morals, spirituality to me while you suck on the bones of the little animals you have enjoyed killing. You have zero high ground to speak from. You have been unable to see the rot in front on your eyes. You could not even see the evil you are causing daily as you enjoy the pain and suffering of all those animals. Stinking death-breath can speak zero wisdom if you can’t even get the ABCs right. This is step number 1, don’t harm others, don’t kill, be compassionate to those weaker than you. Get number 1 right and we can go to step 2 or further.

This is how brainwashed we are in our modern world, that we are raised from birth to enjoy the results of abuse and violence to those weaker than us, in stead of protecting them. The propaganda is deeper than you think. Insidious evil permeates our every existence. Imagine how many millions upon millions of defenseless animals are raised in countries all over the planet, only to be lined up and shot down, like Jews in a concentration camp on a sunny day in Belsen. Are you the Nazi who enjoys the sight? Do you enjoy the taste of that dead body, pumped full of fear hormones from their moment of death at your hands? Sickening and toxic fear hormones that you are eating.

Maybe they didn’t educate you where you come from on what dead animal flesh actually is. Did you not get the memo? Did nobody ever tell you that it’s wrong to kill, wrong to torture, wrong to abuse the weaker? Where the hell do you come from? Oh yes, planet earth, of course. That’s how it is around here on “planet prison house”. You don’t even know the sickening trough of blood you are wallowing in, you can’t even see your filth, blood of the weak dripping from your mouth. Well, compassion is the first symptom of any progress toward being a human being, toward being a person and not another polished animal, sucking the bones of the dead.

Compassion, “ahimsa” is the very beginning of educated human life, and so let’s start at the beginning – you will be measured by your degree of compassion, your comprehension of the sanctity of life, all life, regardless of the body. All life is sacred. Either that or no life is sacred and anything goes. Why is my pain more of a problem than the pain of millions of other warm-blooded bodies. Pain is pain, and suffering is suffering, and killing animals for your pleasure is murder. Just because your ignorant or demonic government lost the plot or never had it to begin with, it doesn’t mean it’s ok to commit those crimes against life.

Our laws are incomplete. The lack of a ban on animal slaughter is permission for abuse, permission for violence, for needless death. Imagine breeding and raising millions of sentient, feeling, sensitive creatures solely for the purpose of murdering them, some as adults and some as babies. Bay killers. Who in their right mind can condone that? Am I a madman screaming from the wilderness when I call out the atrocities, when I voice concern for what everyone else thinks is a sunny day in the slaughter house? Well I will be that one lone voice in the crowd calling to the rest because I have seen the cliff up ahead, even if you haven’t. It is my duty to my fellow humans to warn them of what I have seen, what I have realized in my years of meditative contemplation and study from all sides of the round planet. And it is out of compassion for my fellow humans that I must warn you of the devastating tragedy of being a needless animal killer and eater.
Some of Shaun's friends, that Rogers on the right.

And it is my duty as a human to protect my fellow animal siblings on mother earth, to protect those siblings weaker than me, defenseless against the onslaught of slaughter by other humans. They have no voice, but they scream when they are being killed, like you might scream when you meet death in the form of a knife-wielding murderer in a trapped alley one day. You will scream like a pig for your life as that knife comes for you and it’s good-bye time. You will piss and shit yourself in fear, literally. And that is what cows and sheep do when led to the slaughter. So who are you to be a murderer? You are the victim of a criminal government that legalizes murder of innocents.

“Oh but I didn’t know the Nazis were killing the Jews in concentration camps all day long while I lived in Germany in WW2, I’m an innocent Nazi.” Well now you know because I have told you. You are the new concentration camp officer, imprisoning the sheep and cattle and chickens in torturous camps while they await murder. That’s you. I have seen it. I have been there. I was part of that. And now I’m shocked at the horror I am capable of. I am a murderer too, but I have rebelled and now I fight for the rebels. I am part of the counter-intelligence, the fully intuitive opposition to the murdering army. I am the resistance, and I’m here to warn you and make you aware of the crimes that we are implicated in. Of the harm we are doing to ourselves and our fellow children in whatever body they currently reside. Now you know.

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Curated in the name of peace & love 😘

Many thanks for your kind curation.

You Have Been manually Curated By Vegan-Curate, Here to Curate For the Animals And Heatly Living.

I can not agree more with your post that you have shared

Thank you for your input and valuable curation.

You provided excellent message to the community. Animals have rights to live on the planet like humans. But someone killing other animals for meet their meals. That's bad thing from human's side. Completely agree with you.

In civilized cultures like traditional India, animal killing was unheard of and unnecessary. Then less cultured people came and changed the standards for the worse.

Yes many I talk to don't connect the packaged animals on the supermarket shelves and get a sense of disassociation with the killing. The way our society work unfortunately 💯🐒

In the past people saw the killing required for their meat products, living in rural areas perhaps. But nowadays it is hidden and I presume many children would be shocked to see what has to be done to get a piece of animal meat.

Yes maybe we should start showing them. I think many adults have forgotten the process and just think it come wrapped in plastic 💯🐒

It is hard not to feel anger and contempt for those who don't get the whole ahimsa thing. Shawn the sheep... cute. How did you end up with pet sheep?

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I moved here to rent and the sheep and horses were already here, so I hang out with them in the field outside my rental.

Beautiful animals

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@tipU curate

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Hi there thank you, very kind you are.