Introducing : rhizOHM - Business as Revolution - Share the Wealth - Spread the Word!

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Introducing: Kratom for Crypto

@rhizohm was founded by @aaronsuncamacho as the first implementation of:

A New Business Model that challenges old models and Transforms Society through the Demonstration and Normalization of New Models of Wealth Creation and Distribution!

rhizOHM is:

Your Source for Valuable Herbs, Supplements, and Nootropics.

Distributed via a Network of Friends based on Trust, Integrity, and Respect.

Committed to Quality, Consistency, and Opportunity.

Rewarding all Participants in a Radically Equitable Way.

We accept HIVE and STEEM directly via usernames and almost all Crypto via Kratom for Crypto

We offer an Affiliate Program that pays 30%* on EVERY purchase made by EVERY customer you refer FOR LIFE!

(details HERE)

Read the Mission Statement HERE is:

Business as Revolution - Evolution of CAPITALism
Share the Wealth - Spread the Word!

Aaron Sun Camacho : Founder

Love Honor Respect

( is an affiliate link)


Welcome! Thanks @artemislives for reblogging this and making it come up in my feed. Glad to see businesses being built here and adopting hive as a medium of exchange. Hopefully your work will add real life application to the native token here.

Reblogged, and I hope you the highest success on this platform!

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VERY EXCITING to see cutting edge health & herbal products for sale & accepting crypto. 😍 Yes, the discussion about Kratom NEEDS to be here on the uncensored blockchain!! I'm smiling cos I live here in Thailand where kratom is everywhere - but appreciating what this important plant offers to so many people not as fortunate as I.

I'd actually like to know more about your packaging LOL My "day job" business, based here in Chiang Mai, always looking for more sustainable packaging options. And we ship worldwide.

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 8 months ago 

Thanks for the update.

Welcome rhizohm!
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So, how much is a kilo?

Ooo uh, that's the most expensive I've seen. I pay $53 a kilo...


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