All the jam we have so far made from locally foraged plums

in jam •  13 days ago 


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There looks like a lot.
Wonder how long can you them for.

My goal is to do this each year and eat all of it before we make jam again. So it only has to last a year, but let's see how that works out...

  ·  12 days ago (edited)

Oh i thought it won't last a year without preservatives

We sterilised the pots at the beginning and heat sealed them once they were full, by putting them in boiling water for 20mins. The lids popped inward when we took them out, which tells me there is a vacuum in there. So without any air to spoil it, the jam should naturally be preserved till we open it. Amazing how simple it actually is when one looks into it ;)

Ah, thanks for the information.

So cool 😍 i love making Jams of all sorts

It was our first time trying to do a big batch ;)

And it was a very messy experience with lots of waste, but next time will be better...

Good to know you've had some practice already!

Plenty and i love it 😊