✨The "Too Sensitive" Pep-Talk! Empaths/Clairsentients/Introverts Gather Round! ✨

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I don't talk about this nearly enough but 2020 is the year I change that! ✨🧙

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This little light of mine... I'm gunna let it shine!

Have you been told that you....

"Feel too much?"

Maybe you're...

"Over dramatic."

Maybe you...

"Should just stop feeling that way!"

Or maybe even you should just...

"Not let it bother you!"

Sound familiar at all? 🙈✔️

Maybe you feel trapped in your world because it's not necessarily fully clear to you why you feel ways that you do and sharing those feelings can be difficult...

Especially when met with frustration or lack of empathy.

(You don't want to hurt anyone's feelings-- that would be self defeating because then you'd get to feel those feelings too!)

Well, I hear that and I hear you and I'm here for you! 🙌✨

For my whole life, people have tried to silence me (yes, it is dramatic telling people they are wrong for acting/feeling certain ways!) They've told me that I'm overreacting and that I should just suck it up and get over it...

👉Who here has heard anything like that? 🙈✔️

I have lived most of my life thinking there was something wrong with me when really, there's something beautifully right about me! ✨💜

If you know me, I am SO intense ("dramatic", "emotional", "too-much") about my personal SPACE, BOUNDARIES and my personal TIME. My normal airiness turns to fire quick when these are threatened! 🔥


Quite simply, when you enter into my field, I feel what's walking with you (what you might be aware of and even what you're not) and so, that affects me ESPECIALLY when I'm caught off guard... (there are ways to "manage" this of course and we can get more into that later!)

That said, don't surprise me by showing up unannounced! ;) (I'm serious, that really jolts my energy.)

I spent the last year trying to share my house with people because I thought it would give me an opportunity to connect with like minds, let me explore more with community and bonding but what it taught me instead is how attuned I am to others and how much I need to have my own recharge station so I can take my power out into the world and actually give back from a charged up space (instead of a drained, low energy one!)

👉If you resonate with this at all, you're not crazy, there is nothing wrong with you and there are ways to make it easier on yourself!

(Not everyone is the same, embrace your uniqueness!) 💜

When you identify WHAT YOU NEED 🔥 to help you thrive-- stand truer than true in that and don't budge. Don't move an inch when people try to tell you otherwise. ROOT INTO YOUR TRUTH! 🌱🌴

For me, that's (including but not limited to) my own space that is not shared with 1) people I don't want in it, 2) people I'm not expecting or 3) people I might be willing to share it with but not past a certain window of time.

🔥People say that's rude as they try to convince me of all the reasons why I should open my door to them at their convenience but... I can't help you if I can't help myself so--

That's MY thing and I've identified it as being THE thing that makes me a better me, so I won't back down from that. ✨

👉What's your thing? What do you need to feel protected and safe enough to recharge? ✨

Having sacred, cleansed space where you're not picking up on everyone else is paramount in this journey even if it's just a closet you go into and burn some sage while you meditate and connect to yourself, it's so very important. 💜🌸

I put out a poll to people claiming to resonate with the below image and EVERY single one of them needed their own time and space (but some felt they couldn't ask for it for fear of judgment...)


👉Why do some of us need our own time/space?

Well, feeling everyone else and even all of the energies around from the earth to technology (in some cases) all of the time can be grueling and energy intensive 🙈(but also beautifully magical in the right setting!)


To all of you that are needing to hear this:

(Either understand someone you know and love or to feel supported and understood yourself...)

Know that you are supported and know that your truth will set you free!

Once people start to understand your needs (because you're consistent with your needs) it will become easier for you! People will like you a lot better if you're not bottling it all up!

Love and light ✨
Cece 😘🧙
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I can’t be sure that this is true for everyone but I have found that building of yang energy, finding grounding and confidence and assertiveness can lesson most of the negative parts of being extremely sensitive, so you can control it like a superpower! 🦸🏿‍♂️

Oh definitely! That's why I said I'd get more into how to protect yourself later because I think it's super important to harness it and use it for the gift it is. My main point here is to do those things that make you feel stronger, in control and balanced to be able to do so :)

I can 500% relate to all this, if such a number were possible ;>)
I wouldn't call myself clairsentient but I'm approaching it.

The urgent need to recharge made me leave my job, my country and end up in a small house in a hamlet in the Portuguese hills / mountains. I just reached a point where I need to see more people to recharge again haha

Loved the message in this post. Just so you now, I mentioned you in today's Mindful Life curation that can be found HERE You got yourself a new fan.

Um abraço from Portugal,

Hypersensitivosaurus ( who's on his way towards SUPERsensitivosaurus )

Hi @vinventnijman haha I think in this case, 500% makes perfect sense ;)

Ohhhh the Portuguese hills sound dreamy-- I like your style! I was in Portugal last summer and was scouting it out as a possible place to hide away! :)

Thank you for mentioning me, I'll go take a look at the link right now. I'm always happy to connect with like minded people (that way we don't find each other so weird, am I right?) :)

Dreamy is a nice way to describe Portugal. I always feel like I'm somewhat stuck in the past here ( a couple of decades ago ), not just the landscape but the overall feel and speed of change.

Cool that you were here last year. Where are you from originally?

I'm always happy to connect with like minded people (that way we don't find each other so weird, am I right?) :)

I like to think that normal people - whatever 'normal' is - are the weird ones haha but I get your point.

Have a great day!

Haha well now you're saying I'm normal and I don't want to be that!

I'm originally from Canada actually :)

No you're one of the weird people that is different from the average ones
I just meant to say that those who think they are normal, are the opposite for us cool weird ones

Impossible to try and explain this without making it more complicated haha


Hahaha well, I'm happy we're on the same page :)

we're definitely on the same page of the blockchain, right now ;>)
or wait, the blockchain doesn't work with pages haha

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Thank you @rozku!

Very interesting to see this here @heart-to-heart, and thanks for bringing this topic up!

I am definitely what you might call a "Highly Sensitive Person" (HSP) in the context of Sensory-Processing Sensitivity. Less so, in the psychic/empath realm... although quite a bit of what I turn into art might be considered "channeled information."

But to answer your question, I have definitely been told that I am too sensitive many a time... but I've been helped a lot since I learned about Dr. Elaine Aron's work on sensitivity, back in 1997.