Beyond Abundance: A Private, Ongoing & Very Abundant Cosmic Joke

On 20th November, 2019, I nervously created a facebook group: Allowing Abundance: Deepak Chopra 21 Day Abundance Meditation Challenge. It was part of my own participation in the Abundance Challenge and is the Day #3 activity - to consider becoming a conduit for flow and being someone else's blessing. I only managed to get 5 people to actually confirm they would participate: indeed, many people, even our own lovely @riverflows, were dismissive, overwhelmed and MOST reluctant and unwilling to commit. LOL. "I'll see." "I'll pop in and engage as I can." "It's end of the year and I'm soooo short on time and energy."

ocean1491896_1920.jpgThe image I chose to represent the flow of abundance

I wasn't too disheartened and thought 5 might be a good workable number, and a realistic response. I was pretty happy when @eco-alex joined us, despite already being an A1 master-manifestor. Imagine my surprise when on Day 1, 25th of November,2019, there were 19 people signed up! Wow!!

I worked through the Challenge and was blessed beyond belief. I was delighted when @riverflows, initial reluctance clearly surmounted, started her own Abundance Meditation group as part of @NaturalMedicine. I felt like a mom - all soft and abundant and proud. Then I saw @plantstoplanks also hosting a group in the @NaturalMedicine discord - wasn't that thrilled with the grandma feeling LOL, but so LOVED to see the ripples, the sharing, the learning, the gratitude and the changed perspectives.

December waned and we went for a little vacation to Vietnam. A few people here and there asked to join the original facebook group I had created, and I accepted them. It swelled into a slightly steadier stream. The original 19 grew to 28, to 47, to 62, to 93.

Today, Thursday 13th February 2020, I have just accepted the 301st person who asked to join the group. In all this time, there have been only 2 people who have tried to post spam (and were promptly blocked and deleted). People have joined the challenge from all over the world and I have received MANY personal IN BOX thankyou's for hosting and posting.

Now, in February 2020, there are no less than 5 people a day joining.. Each time I click "Approve" I hear the universe having it's little private joke with me and chuckling in my ear:

"Really, you were prepared to settle for only 5 people?"
"Really, you DOUBTED the magic and the strength of gratitude and natural giving?"
Haha... you think YOU decide when this journey is done? It's NEVER done - the ripples continue forever!

And so I click, approve, smile and wonder about the people who have been touched by this Deepak Chopra 21 Day Abundance Meditation Challenge.

Who are they? What are their stories?

I also wonder about what other delights we can magnify and share.

My sincere thanks to Ali Young from Chiang Mai Holistic here in Northern Thailand who invited, enabled and challenged me. And my profound gratitude to Deepak Chopra for his free teachings and generosity of spirit. It continues to be contagious, to be shared and to engage people around the world.

Abundant Beyond Measure

If you'd like to participate in the 21 days of FREE meditations and activity-challenges, you can join the Facebook group Here and engage at your own pace, or connect with and find out who's running the next group, starting when.

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Love the image you chose to represent abundance. The self-reproducing ever-expanding fractals are like eternally blooming flowers. When you interact with them you know nothing is amiss, that you are infinite, as well as the blessings that surround you. Glad for your positive experience on the challenge, I missed out this time and hope to be able to catch it next time.


I love that you grasped exactly why I chose that image! 😍 thankz heaps for the very generous trendtokens!

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@tipu curate

A huge hug from @amico! 🤗

#sbi-skip !trdo

That's an impressive number, Granny Artemis! I have now done it twice lol. Yes, we need another host to do next challenge in @naturalmedicine! Xx

Haha... reaches for walking stick... it just keeps flowing... another 2 requests to join in the last 8 hours. Just observing & being grateful & ALLOWING the flow. ❤

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Hugs to you @amico!! xxx

Well if it makes you feel any better, I don't think you are ACTUALLY old enough to be my grandmother, haha. Though I am abundantly grateful to be a part of the ripple effect, as joining in and then hosting truly impacted my life. In another form of cosmic joking, that same abundance I hoped to manifest in my own experience of the 21 days has made it a challenge for me in keeping up the daily meditation habit, yet again. Your post serves as a reminder to stay tapped in to that cosmic energy and not let the abundance in work separate me from my mindful goals!

haha... at 56 years old and still with my only 15 year old child in year 10 and thinking about high school proms, I am RELIEVED to be relieved of the "grandma" tag. LOL... the ripples are astounding, as is the swell of abundance when we allow. THANK YOU for hosting and engaging and opeing your heart to all that is possible and available to us. x

That's wonderful to see your circle growing. Definitely Universe has it's own plan and putting us through test, trying out our own levels of patience and commitment.

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