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For World Mental Health Month this October, we really wanted to become more actively involved in shining light on this important issue. With the gentle urging of @garybilbao, who writes often on mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, and the support of our team, we colloborated with Hive Buzz to create a badge to reward content creators on HIVE! Thankyou @arcange for getting this up and running. If you'd like to see what rewards you have already, or the ones you can earn, click here.

Mental Health Month is an event which aims to reduce the discrimination against people living with mental illness and the stigma they endure, whilst promoting positive wellbeing in local and global communities.

On HIVE, we are aware that even the seemingly strongest and most resilient people can be affected by stress, illness and life events - and it can be quite the journey to overcome mental health conditions (challenges). And if it's not us suffering personally,through (notably) anxiety and depression, we will likely know a friend, family member or colleague who is struggling.

The distribution of the MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS badge is a small gesture that rewards those who contribute to the conversation around this important topic.

mentalhealth 1.png

Why the Lotus?

Symbolically, we see the lotus as the bloom that arises from the muddy waters of discomfort and despair. Like the seed that cracks open in the dark earth, the lotus rises from the mud in all it's beautiful splendour, suggesting there can be a way to live with, if not overcome, anxiety and depression.

How to Get a Mental Health Awareness Badge

We will be distributing these as posts - and bloggers who consistently shine light on mental health awareness - are discovered by our curators. Please use the tag #mentalhealthawareness and post in the Natural Medicine community so we are sure to see them. If you think your post deserves attention and we have missed it, please contact one of our Lotus Curators within the community.

Whilst the amount of times you shine light on mental health issues is a criteria, it is not the only one. A one off, heartfelt and poignant post or a particularly useful article might stand out to our Lotus Curators as being eligible for the badge. If the majority agree, the badge will be distributed.

Earn More Stars

The more you shine light, the more stars you receive!

What to Write About

We can't tell you exactly what to write about, but here is some inspiration. Perhaps some of these topics will pique your interest! Of course, we expect original content - don't just rehash what you read on the internet! We also really appreciate personal stories, although these are not a prerequisite for the badge.

  • Start a well being activity in your local community and document it, taking positive action to address mental health issues - for example, a morning tea or a mindfulness session.
  • Encourage and invite people to share their journey over a meal or other shared entertainment - host a concert on Discord!
  • What is your personal experience with mental health, and what steps have you taken/do you take to manage it?
  • How is mental health addressed in your workplace, and/or how could it be managed better?
  • Do you believe mental health issues have been sidelined due to the pandemic?
  • How might exercise such as jogging or yoga help with depression?
  • What are the links between gut health and particular mental health issues?
  • What advice would you give to someone who experiences generalised anxiety disorder or any other mental health issue?
  • What research or studies or science shines light on mental health? A good one for #steemstem bloggers!
  • What food or diet helps or hinders anxiety disorders?
  • Is suicide amongst young people more common in these times, and what can be done about it?
  • What herbal remedies might assist in the management of mental health issues?

Other Rewards for Shining The Light

  • We'll reblog your post to @uplotus and @naturalmedicine
  • We'll curate your post and give you part post beneficiary if you are ALSO a delegator to Natural Medicine (we might even tip you, depending on WOW factor and fund availability!)
  • We'll share your post on Twitter
  • We'll submit your post for OCD curation, as part of the Community Incubation Project organised by @acidyo

We hope you are as excited about this collaboration with Hive Buzz as we are - please reblog, tweet and share this post with your people!


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I love this initiative! It is extremely important to draw the attention of people in general to mental illness. Nobody is exempt from suffering some mental disorder, and although this is a lapidary truth, in general there is a lot of prejudice, ignorance, misunderstanding and bad attitude to those who suffer from a problem of this nature. Currently, with the Covid19 crisis, the stressors and triggers of mental illnesses increase, and if there is no network of social and family relationships that support the patient, these pathologies are exacerbated. In the case of my country, Venezuela, it is an even worse story, a tragedy, because here there is no way to get psychotropics and being able to access specialized medical care is a feat; incidentally, public mental health institutions are absolutely abandoned by the State, which is why many patients have been abandoned to their fate in towns and cities of the country. It's a very sad story. I hope that many colleagues will join this initiative. A big hug.

¡Me encanta esta iniciativa! Es sumamente importante llamar la atención de las personas en general sobre las enfermedades mentales. Nadie está exento de sufrir algún transtorno mental, y aunque esto sea una verdad lapidaria, por lo general hay mucho prejuicio, ignorancia, incomprensión y mala actitud a quienes padecen algún problema de esta naturaleza. Actualmente, con la crisis del Covid19 los factores estresantes y desencadenantes de enfermedades mentales se incrementan, y si no se tiene una red de relaciones sociales y familiares, que den soporte al enfermo, se agudizan estas patologías. En el caso de mi país, Venezuela, es una historia aún peor, una tragedia, porque aquí no hay forma de conseguir los psicotrópicos y poder acceder a una atención médica especializada es una proeza; de paso, las instituciones públicas de salud mental están absolutamente abandonadas por el Estado, razón por la cual, muchos enfermos han sido dejados a su suerte en localidades y ciudades del país. Es una historia muy triste. Espero que muchos compañeros se sumen a esta iniciativa. Un gran abrazo.

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Thanks so much for your support, and looking forward to reading your #mentalhealthawareness post!


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Mental health refers to a concept, where there would be diseases in the head, which require pills. I use the term mental well-being, which allows one to develop the emotional intelligence instead of medical lobotomy.

So the causes instead of symptoms, personally was "depressed" the whole youth, until met some people and read the scientific studies, which helped in getting rid of irrational fears, the media is pushing upon everyone.

I see it more like an inner compass showing, that something needs to change fundamentally, too many just take the "easy way out" as mind-numbing pharmaceuticals. So perhaps the whole concept is upside-down, one cannot be sane to be fully adjusted to a profoundly sick society!

 5 days ago 


We would love you to write about this in a post. Mental well being is a great description.

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Excellent initiative, I think I can contribute with a topic on the role of plant species in mental health.

It will be interesting to read you.


Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

That's the most beautiful badge I've seen...there are a lot of deeply emotions and meaning inside of it. Mental health is something that we have to care and be aware, I know exactly what it feels! I've been there!💚💚💚

We look forward to your contributions. It's great to read about who has been through it and how they got through it.


Thank you 😊 . Greetings!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

The best initiative I have seen in HIVE. Especially in this complicated year, this kind of motivation is important to help mental health, we all need this. <3

Edit: The badge is beautiful!

Una iniciativa interesante y necesaria. Espero muchos se animen a participar.

¿La insignia? Realmente hermosa y soy de los primeros en presumir de ella. 😎


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A wonderful way to make mental health visible and also to promote information and support.♥♥

 6 days ago 

!ENGAGE 25 Thanks, @danielapevs - we are sure you are a candidate for the badge, given your work on mental health on the platform!

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

Although there were many plans, we could not be as active as we wanted. But this badge is a magnificent achievement and I know that it will motivate those who constantly contribute on this subject much more and encourage others to do so.

Thank you for making this badge a reality. And also for being one of the first to get it. A real honor. Thank you again.

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Love this initiative, will defo join this one! It's good to raise more awareness, great job!

 5 days ago 

Thanks - we think so too! And it's not just for the month, it's any time! Looking forward to your #mentalhealthawareness post!

It's good to raise awareness, especially during these times! I will probably write one today :)

This is a good initiative and I want to join this.

What a great initiative. So far I didn´t touch this topic in my blog yet but who knows. I will think about it.

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Thanks @pavanjr - the Nat Med folk were unanimous in deciding on this design and it was great to see the @hivebuzz designer whip it up so perfectly!

Thanks for the tweet - let's get this out there!

Thank you @riverflows. It was a pleasure to work with you. 👍

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