Life is full of surprises

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Life is full of surprises, we never know what the next moment is going to be like. At night we sleep, but then there is no guarantee that morning we will wake up. Not everyday will be the same, nor every day will go as per what we have planned. We may plan something but life has something different only in store for us. But then that does not mean that with this ideology we do not plan anything and just sit for life to keep happening randomly.

No one plans for a bad day, but we still have some good days, some not very good days and some are just intolerable days which we would never imagine to have in our lives but we still have to live them. But with all the surprises also that life keeps giving us, we still have the power to shape up our life the way we want. Certain surprises may be a temporary set back for us, but then we need to reflect on that set back and understand what lesson life is trying to give us in it. Setbacks are nothing but the greatest life lessons, if we understand them well, we will release that block from our life.


It is up to us, how we choose to spend our day. We may be in the worst situation and still have a pleasant day. Just for e.g. if we have some very close family member fighting for life in hospital, instead of panicking and creating chaos of the situation, one can spend time sitting next to the person and saying prayers or reading some good things, this will not only improve the energy of the space but also the energy of the person who is ill. But if we keep sitting and blaming life and being bitter for the situation, or keep crying in front of the person, we are going to create negative energy not only in the space but also for the person.

Very conveniently we blame the Universe for any hardship that comes into our life, but if we think calmly these hardships are the result of our own actions, karma of the past, which is just coming back to us at it's right time when we are prepared to receive it. Nothing is happening at random in the Universe, in our life, we are living our karma every moment and creating new karma every moment with the actions we take in the moment. So it is all the more important that while dealing with one karma we do not create another karma which would not be positive again.


If someone has done wrong to us, we have choices, we can either fight and abuse the person, or we can not say anything and keep sulking to our self, which is only going to make us more miserable, or we can just let it go wisely understanding the opposite side, as to why the person has behaved in a particular manner. So while life will keep giving us surprises, it is also our choice how we live up to those surprises. With Karma, our free will is also always at play. Karma is the situation that we are in, whereas free will is the action that we take in that situation.

If we choose this freewill of ours wisely, we surely will be able to live a more healthy and a happy life.

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Beautifully written, and it reminds of an expression, "...turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones." It is ultimately our choice how we let our emotions be affected by negative circumstances.

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Definitely don't want Karma going the wrong way for us.

 4 days ago 

Absolutely. Its better to pay it off all here :)

Nice post🙏

Awesome. Upvoted and added to my Curation Trails

 4 days ago 

Thank you

Anger, hatred or resentment is a poison but it is slowly killing us, it is better to forgive and live free of these emotions.

 4 days ago 

All of these can also be beneficial at times, but yes point is to not get carried away in these emotions. Express yourself and Let Go. When you start holding on to it, the problem starts. Thank you for sharing your thoughts @cryptoxicate

Being adaptable is even more important than being prepared, imo. That way the surprises can only send in a new direction but hopefully not throw us "the wrong way." Too many plans can make it hard to enjoy the spontenaity of life, I totally agree with you

 4 days ago 

Life is all the time taking twist and turns, so very true, we need to be adaptive and flexible to go with the flow

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