You feel you are missing out on things with this sudden halt almost in every part of the world. You may feel you had some important things to attend to and this halt is not doing any good, but what I want to say is trust the divine timing. If something is not happening at this point of time what you planned for or what you have been eagerly waiting for then now is not the right time for it to happen, and this may be for our highest good.

Let me give you one example. I have been planning a trip to Italy and from there a cruise in this month of June 2020, also in March I had planned a trip to Amsterdam. I started my talks with the agent somewhere mid Dec, I wanted to book the cruise in advance to get a better deal, but somewhere things were just delaying, the booking was not happening. After that from Jan my hubby's health problem also started and I got involved in all of that. So I told my agent that I will complete the bookings by 1st week of March. The cancellation policy was a little stringent and I would lose a good chunk if I had to cancel.
But just see the divine timing,I was feeling frustrated that the booking was not happening, but now to think of it, first of all with the current Coronavirus outbreak in Italy and all over the world there was no way we would have traveled and on top of that I would have lost good chunk of money on the cruise and other booking cancellations. The delay was just my savior. Hence have faith in the divine timing, if something is not happening at this very moment or happening completely different from what we have planned then it's all about the perfect timing.


Let me share one more example. We traveled from Muscat to Mumbai in 1st week of march for my hubby's surgery but we were in contemplation if we should travel or not. We were thinking of giving it some more time and then take a call to travel. Then suddenly 1 of those nights he got very breathless and with that we decided instant travel the very next day. I don't know how grateful I can be to myself to take that decision, because just after that in couple of days the travel scene got bad and now flights from Muscat to Mumbai are suspended. I cannot think what it would had been like for us, because the surgery that had to be done, the standard of it was very low in Muscat and it would have been a complete chaos. So I truly believe that whatever is happening right now with us is in it's most divine timing. If the current situation is asking us to slow down and be at home then do not try to fight on it with yourself. Believe in the timing of the universe. It is doing what is in our best interest.

Take this time to heal yourself in every possible way. We have forgotten to care for our own selves. This break will allow us to do that. Don't feel bored with the time at hand. Just remember one thing this time for your own self which is now in Abundance will never ever come back in our life again. Spend time in Meditation, start on your hobbies which you may have enjoyed at one point of time the most but because of lack of time it is deeply buried in one corner of your heart.

These days I am 24x7 at the hospital besides my hubby, and I have a routine set. I do my meditation then some yoga and spend time on making my posts. Then follow ups with Doctors. I do spend my evening time Reading and listening to Music. My day passes off very gently and I do not feel any boredom even after being at one place all the time.

This is the most precious ME time that we have always longed for. Time to spend with family, children. This is not the time for external experiences, This is the time to tap into our own-self and get the inner experiences. Time to experience contentment. Enjoy every moment of it because these moments are not going to come back again.

"Unlimited Abundance, Blissful Happiness and Unconditional Love"


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thank god your hubby has you.. you are blessed.. such a beautiful post.. i know exactly what you say to be true.. sometimes we have to give things time to see it play out..

huge hug to you sister!<3

Thank you my dear for those sweet words.
Loads of Love and happiness always for you 😊🙏

Good publication, there is something to ponder. Thanks you.

Thank you @yuriy4

We ARE divinely blessed and protected! I am so glad he got the surgery he needed before the chaos sets in. And so glad those tweaks of intuition and delay were there to guide and protect. Savor the moments at his bedside.

#betterselfcare is a wonderful motto to carry through these quiet days at home.

Ohh it was like all happening just in time, now with all the chaos in the outside world we have peaceful time for his recovery at the hospital.
#betterselfcare yes sounds a good one
Loads of Love and Happiness always 😊🙏

Divine timing is everything. Learning to read the signs, or synchronicity‘s, is important to being able to find the flow of life. I’m extremely glad to hear that you and your husband were able to get out of muscat to be able to get to a suitable hospital to have the surgery done. I’m also glad to hear that you were doing self-care during this time. As a medical student myself, self-care is something that I tend to lack on as I focus all of my energy on schooling. I have been extremely grateful for this time that I have been given my mother Earth to reflect and take better care of myself. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and your experience.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness. Yes it was all like a blessing, every action happening just in nick of time.
Yes, self-care is something which we so easily ignore, I am sure this period will allow you to get back on things that you have been longing for just for yourself.
Take care @alchemage

Just wanted to let you know that I mentioned this beautiful message in the Mindful Life Curation that I compiled two days ago. You can find the full post HERE

Big hug,