Mindful Life Curation - February 2020

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The lovely @bewithbreath is hosting meditations twice a week in our Mindful Life Discord server - join in for midweek or weekend peace. It's a lovely reminder to focus on your breath and take some time off for self care.

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The last couple of days, I have been pretty mindful. Daily meditation, listening to podcasts on mindfulness and spirituality, as well as plenty of alone time and moments spent in nature, helped with that. I have been training my mindfulness muscle for quite some time now and it's very much worth it.


The simple fact that you're reading this, tells me that you're at least getting there and if you're just getting started, hurray for you! This is the perfect place, time and even year to start on our paths towards a more mindful and healthier life.

I wish that this selection of blog posts - and the message behind it - gives you just that little push behind the behind that you needed.

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Yesterday morning, I was reminded that I'm up for the Mindful Life Curation. No matter how mindful we are, forgetting things is only human.

While scrolling through related tags, I landed on a post by @achimmertens - on 'Planky the Plankton'. I guess it's philosopher like style of this series of posts that made me feel that his username was a word play on the Greek mathematician/ astronomer / philopsopher Archimedes. It's probably just his name though :>)


Anyhow, you might like to check out this little mindful comic, spread out over 29 visuals. For easier, chronological reading and a little backstory on why this was made, move here: Planky, A Plankton, Finding its Way

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How can you not like the vibes that this beautiful soul - @heart-to-heart - oozes? You only need to take a peak at one of her posts and the words, emojis and pictures tell you enough.

I love her vegan recipes, but this blog post really hit my hypersensitive ❤:

The Too Sensitive Pep Talk

I spent the last year trying to share my house with people because I thought it would give me an opportunity to connect with like minds, let me explore more with community and bonding but what it taught me instead is how attuned I am to others and how much I need to have my own recharge station so I can take my power out into the world and actually give back from a charged up space (instead of a drained, low energy one!)

Which one of you can relate to the above? I surely can ( and my name isn't even Shirley ) :>)

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Amazing picture, right?

This was shared by @porters , picturing Bruno. Porters is one of my favorite ( Canadian ) bloggers. There's always a mindful vibe ✨ to her write ups. I guess that happens when you live in a natural, magical environment like hers. Or is it? It's freezing cold where she's at and she sure can use some extra warmth so go give her writing some love. I suggest you start here:

Wednesday Walk - Let It Snow

And who knows, this blog entry might tickle your tiger too:

Mindful Monday - Leading a Fulfilling Life

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And then I stumbled upon this beautiful writing on music by @eturnerx. Here's a fragment:

Singing-wise, this is a difficult song to sing requiring perfect control building up to a powerful climactic ending. This means that the song is butchered at drunk karaoke - not quite as often as "My Way", but yeah the cringe is real. You'll be able to hear how different singers and singing styles vocalise the same song.

I'm listening to the first song right now and it gives me goosebumps. I'm not even sure how I found this. Was I looking for meditative music or music and mindfulness? No matter what, it sure is meditative for me and I challenge you to read this article and - even more importantly - give the music a listen:

Music: Qinghai-Tibet Plateau-One Song in Four Styles

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I could easily go on for a while but I need to be mindful of your - and my - time, so I will wrap things up with a short list of other interesting written pieces related to mindfulness:

@jansher talks about how to use pain to your benefit: Pain as a Motivator for Change

@earthcustodians carry a powerful message that we can probably all relate to: The Power of NO

@tryskele shares this brief personal take on the presence of Go(o)d in our life / the world:

He's Got the Whole World in His Hand

And one of our newest members / acquisitions - @joseeb - talks about one of many benefits of spirituality as an alternative to (Western ) medicine in: How Spirituality is a Protective Factor for Your Mental Health

And how could I forgot @edouard ? Make sure not to miss out on the videos he shoots with his mom. They are hilarious and unique, starting from the Queen like intro song:

Mom and Son 2

Much love and good vibes to you all,

@vincentnijman aka hypersensitivosaurus

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This is wonderful, @vincentnijman. I love your flair - I wish you'd do this post every week! Or every fortnight? What do you reckon? I love all your selections and the beauty you bring to this post --- @riverflows. xx

May your breath come sweet and slow.

You're welcome Mother Nature ;>)

I will keep your offer in mind ( that is, the fortnight one ).
I'm just not the type who easily commits to things as I've learnt that saying NO can be life changing and gives you amazing freedom

Thanks for the breathing reminder. Sweet and slow it is...

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Thank you for informing us and we appreciate your delegation @atma.love :>)

A lovely roundup @vincentnijman I haven't had as much time to peruse all the posts lately, but the curation posts are always nice to make sure I catch at least some of the wonderful work put out through the week!

Thank you @plantstoplanks and yes it is ✨

Hi. I will give that music ago on my next meditation, thank you :)

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What a great collection of mindful type posts! I really appreciate you puling them all together and including my posts! There is quite a few I missed and will be off to give them a read! Thanks again for the great curation post!

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What a surprise to be included in this @naturalmedicine! Thank you!

You know, my mum used to always tell me I "overshare" and that I just wear my heart out on my sleeve. She used to try to get me to take it back and shove it inside of me so it would be a little bit more protected but what I have found (especially through my community here) is that sharing is NEEDED because so many of us feel like we can't for whatever reason.

I always try to push out the uncomfortable stuff and be there to help raise light to some of these feelings, thoughts and behaviors so I'm so happy that that post hit home for you and that it impacted you as it was meant to.

<3 Sending love

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