The Flow is a Beautiful Dance

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We're sorry we missed Mindful Monday! As you know, things went a little haywire this week on the blockchain, because of that cutlery thing we'd rather not mention! We were pretty busy doing some behind the scenes stuff too. Oh, and if you noticed you aren't getting the autovote at the moment, it's because of said cutlery. We're going to re-instate soon, but meanwhile, don't worry, we'll be coming past to upvote #naturalmedicine posts. Please use the #naturalmedicine tag as well as the #mindfullife tag so we are more likely to spot you! Anyway, we didn't want to miss posting this sweet piece of writing from our dear friend @alchemage! Please enjoy.

Life can often feel overwhelming as we become caught up in the mix. Many of us forget to check in with ourselves as more people gain access to different forms of media. A feeling of ungroundedness can easily wash over us during these times, which makes meditation ever so important.

I can still remember the first time that I consciously sat down to meditate. I was living in Virginia, in a house with @elamental out in the woods. We had quite an impressive lawn with brilliant green blades of grass to enjoy. This was a big change for us both coming out of some really terrible and unhealthy living situations.

I had recently gone through a very powerful transformation as I abused psychedelics which landed me in the mental hospital after a failed (thankfully) suicide attempt. There were things that I had witnessed during the several month long experience which I could not simply explain off as a hallucination and sought to further understand what I had exactly gone through. It was then that Studies in Alchemy, by Saint Germain, fell into my hands.

This Alchemical text touches lightly on the spiritual aspects involved with Alchemy, many of which gave me a place to begin to comprehend my experience. One of the topics that it heavily endorses is that of meditation. Meditation is a keystone to the Alchemical workings, as even the practical Alchemist depends on meditation to find union with the Craft.

I stepped outside onto the cold concrete steps with the intention to attempt my first meditation upon waking up one morning. There was still dew glistening in the morning sun, reflecting its rays like thousands of little lighthouses guiding each footstep. A nice aclove was nestled in the far corner on a slight incline. Here is where I chose to meditate for my first time.

I sat down with my legs crossed, closed my eyes, and felt the hard earth beneath me, with the coolness of the moist grass bristling against my legs. I placed my hands on the ground and straightened my spine. The warm embrace of the sun filled me with energy as I took a deep breath in, then out. This is what it's all about, I thought to myself - breathing slow and deep. I continued to listen to my breath as I took in the warmth of the sun for several minutes. I finished my meditation with clasped hands and a bow to thank the sun for its warmth and for sustaining life.

I was forever changed from this moment onward as I had experienced what it was like to move from the mix to the flow. The flow is a beautiful dance that the universe orchestrates through every little thing's movements. Our feet get crossed and we bump into one another on the dance floor when we begin to let life overwhelm us or try to impose too much control. Meditation is a powehouse of a tool that allows us to become grounded and balanced, leading us back into the flow so we can dance the day away.

What's Been Happening in the Meditation World This Week

I was in the @ecotrain server this week and @eco-alex posted this beautiful passage from his teacher. It is just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing this with us! He writes about it in full on his blog. We're looking forward to more observations as he enters the ashram.

You must know that each one is a pilgrim and each life is but a stage in the journey towards the city of liberation. This body is a rest-house, in which we stay for a short time during this pilgrimage. The mind is the caretaker, the watchman in the choultry where we rest. We are not to treat him as if he is master or owner. But, we ought to take care that the house we are privileged to occupy is not damaged or polluted. We have to take good care of it and its furnishings, and treat the watchman politely. The pilgrim is either helped or handicapped by the antics of the mind. The mind has as its warp and woof, desire or thirst for something or other, getting some gain or avoiding some loss. Desire arises from attachment, often the consequence of delusion. Desire distorts and denigrates the mind. It keeps the mind incessantly agitated. The bliss which emanates from the Atma has, in fact, to be stored, with the help of buddhi (the intellect) as a channel, in the reservoir of the mind. That is its genuine function.

@porters faithfully wrote her #mindfulmonday post too, getting in just before the chaos! Her advice could have been heeded by all as we frustratingly tried to figure things out:

When something does happen to upset you or hurt your feelings, don’t absorb it. You’re not wrong for feeling the emotions. However, if you hold onto those negative thoughts, emotions, or situations, the negativity will cover and drown your happiness. We do not want to dwell on the past.

Let's move on to a bright steem future, all of us, healthy and happy!

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Here is to a brighter Steem future!
What a beautiful post!
I love the picturesque sharing of @alchemage and so happy he found the meditation that changed his life! Thanks for sharing your experience @alchemage!
And @eco-alex sharing that bit of inspiration from his teacher! - so beautiful!

Thanks also for including my post!

I want to delegate 50 SP and the link gives me an error, I try to enter the discord, also from of the link in this publication, and it tells me that the invitation is not valid. Why will it be?

Try that link! And maybe this delegation link:

Delegate Here

I would like to be a member of your club, but I have less than 150 SP, as would the admicion process.

Come on over! That link will bring you to our discord server. I'll let you in without delegation when I see your handle show up in the server :)

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