The Story of a VelociRapper called Li'l Hyper - Creativity, Spirituality and The Hero's Journey

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The title of this post could be my personal story or that of my fictional character / alter ego 'Hypersensitivosaurus aka Li'l Hyper, both are going through a huge transformation.

Li'l Hyper ( not to be confused with Santa's Li'l Helper )

Is there even a rapper with that name?

Li'l Hyper is a raptor.

Rapper, Raptor, What's the difference?
Two letters and golden teeth perhaps.

Most rappers feel pretty hyper to me and some are overly hyped.

I just discovered that there doesn't seem to be a rapper named Li'l Hyper yet ( how can that be the case? ), so I hereby claim that name and the mic:



I'm a Rap-tor
And I'm just a Li'l Hyper

Though I might not be much of a typer
and I still shit
in my dino diaper

I'll make up
for it
and rap
'bout it

and other shit

is my way
of dealing with

Get used to it!

Drop the 🎤

This write up wasn't meant to be about a rapping raptor, but that's just how my mind works.

I listened to a podcast yesterday that I really resonated with, for many different reasons. and then again today and then again, after starting this write up

Many of you might feel the same when giving it a listen. Especially if you're into spirituality, going through a change, perhaps a healing journey or if you're a ( struggling ) creative. I tick(ed) all these boxes.

The podcast's name is 'You can Heal Your Life' and the episode I refer to is called Simplifying Your Spiritual Path with Matt Kahn and can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iTunes and probably on other podcast platforms or you can subscribe to the podcast HERE

Anyhow, I was planning to write about this podcast but then I started taking pages of notes and decided otherwise.

Here's some fragments of Matt Kahn's talk that might pique your interest though:

The Ego is the soul going through its path of unfolding

If you're in a physical body, you're on a spiritual journey

( Ponder that one )

On the spiritual path, the Ego becomes horrified by itself.

You have done nothing 'wrong'.

Anyone who blaims you isn't happy.

Happiness is the effect of forgiveness.

My happiness comes from within.

Don't blame those who blame you.

Don't wrong those who wrong you.

Forgiveness is how to cultivate happiness.
The road to emotional freedom.

I took a lot more notes but if the above makes you feel better in any way, I highly recommend you to give this one hour podcast a listen. In fact, if you're not very happy, I wish you do. I'm sure it will make you feel better :>)

Signing Off...

Li'l Hyper

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Hahaha this post reminds me of J3dy !

Haha! @j3dy is definitely a little hyper.
Probably more like V'ry Hyper ;>)

I will have to write about him sometimes. he has been infected me with his hyperactivity.

Perhaps you should ;>)

I think the best thing is his backwards cap and his bling and complete lack of clothing and all that looking perfectly normal XD

He's pulling it off with ease indeed. I guess that's what distinguishes a good RAP-tor from a mediocre or fake one.

Hello @vincentnijman, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!