Mushroom Monday

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I must admit I don't really know much about mushrooms apart from the ones I buy from the supermarket.

I went on the hunt for them and found them quite fascinating. I'm not sure which ones are edible or not as I don't know my mushrooms from toadstools.

This one reminds me of a UFO flying off.

#mushroommonday initiated by @balticbadger.

Photos by @ellenripley - Julie Smitham. All rights reserved.

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This one is definitely edible when it is young like this, but as it grows older it puts out a black oozy ink like stuff and shouldn't eat it then. We called these "shaggy manes" growing up, not sure if that is the real name :)

That's interesting. I think I will leave them where they are! Thank you.

We called them shaggy ink caps in the UK. Haven't seen them here in Australia.

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Thank you.

WOw what a cool selection of shots :)

Thank you.

MOst welcome :)

Very nice photos!! Fall is the best time!

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Thank you! I love all the seasons.