Got my Phoenix Oyster Mushroom plugs today!

in mushrooms •  6 months ago 

Super awesome! I have my bag of plug spawn and they are in the fridge for a few days. We are expecting lows in the teens for a few nights so I will install them after it passes.

The process is simple really. Use a 5/16 drill bit to drill 1.25" deep holes, pound a plug in, seal with wax, repeat, wait. I will be splitting the bag between 2 stumps so I hope they can out compete any other fungi already in the tree.

Fungi Perfecti's recent catalog has me drooling and wishing. I am going to have to kick my growing back into gear again. It has been great everytime I have but for some reason my interest ebbs and flows.

So many interests so little time.

Most likely Saturday I will get them installed in the stumps as the weather looks warm enough then. I am going to cover the stumps in something (not sure what though) to keep them a tiny bit warmer after install.

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The great thing about Oysters is that they are an aggressive grower so it's hard NOT to grow them well. I got a decent patch on my wood chip piles when I was back in MA. Love the Fungi Perfecti cultures, tempted to get a reishi grow bag for fun.

I really hope so! The root systems on these stumps are so big I might get a decade of fruiting from each. I made sure to buy my plugs from Stamets. He is the god of fungus knowledge. I am really close to signing up for their $1200 intensive culturing class.

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He can't be beat for his knowledge on everything fungi. His products can sometimes be a bit pricey but they are the best you can get anywhere. Plus he has a passion for his work and the environment.

Oh, it's getting exciting! Maybe you can cover the stump in a good layer of straw? And I guess you'll need to keep it wet too... maybe wrap it in a layer of plastic? Though I'm not sure... you don't want to invite other types, such as mold.
As for out-competing existing fungi, it doesn't sound very likely if there is one already established. But since you cut down the tree only last week, that shouldn't be anything to worry about... I think. Let's hope I'm right! Since you have two stumps, you'll have twice the chance of making at least one of them your edible mushroom stump.

I just flushed the smaller one and it looks like it will be the more likely of the 2 to do well since the large one has some rot that has fungus in it. Though the inner core of the tree is not so I can likely just set back a few rings into the good wood and be fine. I am not sure yet what I will cover with, but I have a few options on hand. Plastic, row cover frost guard, shade cloth, tarp, burlap, pine needles are all in the shed or around the farm.

The worst thing that could happen is that the rot won't let the oyster mushroom take hold. In that case you'll lose a few plugs, which seems like an acceptable loss. Sounds like it's worth the shot.

Hope that works for you! The catalog makes them look really delicious! If they take will they grow back next year or is it a one and done kind of thing?

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They could live for 10 plus years and fruit at least once a year, most likely twice. It all depends on the amount of wood in the log or stump for the fungus to eat. If my big stump gets growing well I could be looking at huge amounts per year, in 50+ lb range. I would be happy with 15 to 20 lbs a year.

From what I heard, they could flush every few weeks if the conditions are right. I once grew oyster mushrooms in a small straw bag, and that gave me five good flushes, plus a number of minor ones afterwards. Compared to that, your stump is massive, so I assume they'll be living on it for years.

I've heard they are delicious but haven't tried them. My neighbor back in Oklahoma was growing some but I never got a sample 😂

Now that's just a shame you didn't get to sample them! Might be able to find a cubby in your trailer for a bag that can pop off a bunch for you.

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