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Hola, setero! Today I share fresh mushroom impressions from an occasional encounter I had 3 days ago. I met some impressive fungi at the cemetary! But let me start from the very beginning.

So, 3 days ago heaven sent me a sunny day; I equipped myself with 16-35mm wide lens, took my manual fifh-eye 16mm Zenitar lens (in case for a possible wish for some artsy hanky-panky gobbledagooks) and did not borrow my 150mm macro lens, cause I really wanted to restrict myself from sightseeing and focus on the primary mission. My primary mission was the Novodevichiy Convent's Necropol, and it was completed successfully (I made about 200 captures, after some editing I plan to share them in a series of travelfeed posts).

The good thing, that I stumbled some excellent mushroom-conquered locations which I simply could not ignore... I used my 16-35 mm lens, and know what? it is capable of doing a great macro! (well, if the object is big enough, of course).


The bad thing, one of this encounters was a high tree -- and having no tele I had to balance on my tiptoes and lift the camera as high as possible, to shoot something blindly as closer to the object as possible... (it was a splendid picture of me, I wish somebody shoot that moment!)


This was my 1st take. All the rest are blind takes, with random autofocus and bracketing.



This one I consider to be the best result, the closest one to what I saw with my own eyes and what triggered me: the moss field growing on the fungi surface, like terraces with crops on the mountain slopes in China. Blind shot, remember! Totally the work produced by my camera's AI.


This one is even more closer (thanks to my tiptoes!) and maybe even better macro, but a less intresting visual, i.e. less reminding the said terraces / hanging gardens.


Maybe I could comeback there to shoot exactly that one tree one more time, with a dedicated tele- lens... but probably I am too lazy for doing that, besides that I came home with some pics that seem to cover the subject.

Why did that spot triggered me, that fungi mushrooms itself arent that rare and unique - quite simple wide-spread tree polypore? But look for yourself, and you get me. Those ordinary tree mushrooms attacked the tree for so long, they really had time to capture the territory and seems they had no natural enemies ( except of photographers :))

So, they built something reminiscent of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (one of the wonders of the antiquity epoch, as you must remember from your school history lessons).





The mushroom army on its rush.

Since they have been there for a while, and they are not going to move anywhere else...


... they served as a substrate for the moss that grew on top of the mushrooms. These are real hanging gardens, grown on mushrooms that are hanging from a tree! Isnt it cool?

Well, my shots arent perfect, I admit, I had no macro lens and it was hard to make a proper capture of that distant object with 35mm... I did my best -- hope you appreciate it.

Another tree polypore mushrooms I found at different spot, were mostly curious for their size. And for their cemetary-origin, of course: why, would you guess, they reached such a huge size?


Those really were the biggest tree fungi I saw in life - comparable with the size of my head.



Probably, a good nutrition has something to do with their size. maybe, they received something extra from the corpses? At least this silly assumption could not but came into my head, and stuck there!


My new 16-35mm macro lens has an excellent bokeh, as you can see.





White traces on this stump is a moldy mushroom too. But it do not look intresting or sympatico even with the help of dedicated macro lens.

Ok, this was all I've got. See you next time in my splendid longreed about the said Necropol.


Now, its time to part ways, I wish you good luck -- and Good Hunting. oh, and Happy #FungiFriday to you!

#FungiFriday fun challenge is hold by @EwkaW

I hope many of you will join, as there are only 2 simple rules:

  • when Friday comes, share your fungi with us! post your own, original photo/drawing/art/food/anything-at-all of any type of fungi (yes, stolen images will be checked and reported !)
  • add #fungifriday (not necessarily must be your 1st tag). that's all!

A few days ago I saw these mushrooms and corpses, especially corpses look interesting to me because I never saw them before. I am not fascinated by these tree mushrooms because these types of patterns create phobia inside me. But interesting how you have observed these elements...

wow, what an intresting sort of phobia you have. strange, indeed. of course, it is useless to convince anyone of something, especially when it comes to phobias .... it is irrational and subconscious. however, I cannot but note these mushrooms are completely harmless. they will not attack you, they have no teeth. they are not poisonous. they are hard, dry (if not wet with rain), more or less pleasant to the touch, velvety, not slimy and cold .... I really don't see any reason for a phobia - why, tell me ????


cheers - and !ENGAGE 20

Well, I think just the pattern which causes my brain, maybe create a weird illusion, I don't know. I have seen these mushrooms before in fact I can't digest this type of pattern. I don't know why and the single piece doesn't bother me but when I look at the colony, I feel weird... :D

but when I look at the colony,

a-aa! now I understand, you talk abouut the little white ones? (I decided 1st time, you are talking about the big ones). yes, those can be quite idiosyncrastic... at least I could imagine that.

here is a little !BEER consolation for you :))

Hahahaha thanks a lot...

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Lol the polypore is almost shaped like the poop emoji, just needs the googly eyes on it :-)

I noticed that too! very strong association, hehe
sadly i wasnt borrowing them (googly eyes) with me.
probably next time i happen to be there, I should implement them and take a shot. thanx for the mention - !BEER

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wow, this was super cool of you, Sir! let me share some !BEER ?

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Hey @qwerrie, here is a little bit of BEER from @pixresteemer for you. Enjoy it!

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Hello dear friend @qwerrie good night
You have made two impressive discoveries, the second one surprised me by the large size like you. Excellent shots congratulations
Thank you very much for letting us know these beautiful photographs
have a wonderful night

happy you like my tropheys. indeed, its is not everyday one can find such a mushroom head :)
have a !BEER, my friend, i am going exactly to have some nice sleep :P

Lovely photo as always! I missed many of your posts, because I was too much time offline! But, I am happy to see your blog again, so right now, I will scroll and enjoy your art!

glad you like my last 'trophey' - it didnt involve too much efforts from me as a photographer! just happened to be in right place and look around attentively 8-)

that cemetary has a lot of nice old stuff, very moody. I hope you'd like to see those ruined chapels... when I post them :P

half of the year (shtty year it was, I admit!) we had a nice #AlphabetHunt challenge here at Hive, that enjoyed playing a lot (finding stuff starting a certain letter on a weekly basis). In case you are curious of playing such a game, you may check my tropheys (I created an index to all posts)...

hmmm... besides that, I spent 2 months at the countryside - the longest holydays I had in ages. that were almost all the good things that happened to me. the rest isnt good at all. I am a jobless since last December :P

I am sorry about your situation. The whole world suffering now. I am jobless too, but I at least have luck in selling my art on blockchain, so I can pay my bills, and have no debts. I was lucky to start this activity a year ago, at a time when there was not big concurrency. If you remember, I started to do digital art, that selling well. You can always contact me on Discord, so I can help you with info. The Market is flourishing, all you need is to start in any platform and to be in the right community. I am sure, you will have your success, because of your talent! I think that here on HIVE you can find many of the creators too. Don't give up! P.S, Photography is digital art, so you don't need to convert anything! Just find the right platform and start:)

hahah. heh... yes, that do the trick! to happen in right time in right place.

just no idea which one is right :PPPPPP

this summer I eventually started 'selling' my photos -- sent 12 pictures to Adobe Stock photobank, registered my account there... guess how much I have sold up to date? yes: zero.

its very pleasurable thing to listen, you say that it is flourishing... hope it is indeed so. but, too much good great photographers around, isnt it?.. idk, really.

having no debts is the only correct way to go (me thinks). and we have no. my wife still has her job, so we capable to pay bills.... yet.


Not too many photographers, If you make your fans and collectors, you can emerge, mostly GIFS, Digital paintings, 3d art, etc. There is room for Photographers in my opinion.

I sent you an Info and some tips on discord. Happy if I can help!

some of these mushrooms are very attractive and they have very bright colors .... beautiful and extraordinary.

...and one of them looking like a poop :)))
thanks for the feedback, have a nice day!

Floating down the tree stump like hanging garden such a pretty display in our natural world @qwerrie good photography to tell the story even from going in blind relying on the camera fully.


This second one looks to me like a field mouse in her little frock with pointed hat, made my day seeing her on Friday 13th!

hello I like your cemetery mushrooms, always such an interesting story and I see that you are learning valet and you are already pointing with your feet lol...

'learning valet' ? haha, thats funny. thank you for a compliment, my friend!

.....грибы оккупировали кладбище. Его за ними совсем и не видно

не совсем так. даже, совсем не так!
этого дня, прочих фоток с кладбища - 200 (а есть еще и двух других дней, и еще буду фоткать), сверх того грибов - едва ли 15-20 фоток. так что они там есть да, но главные персонажи все же не они!

так нету их в постах....

я выбираю, обрабатываю картинки и ищу информацию. чтоб получится мега хороший пост а не просто пяток картинок насыпать :=)

ну, не знаю. Я считаю, если есть о чём рассказать, донести свою мысль, основываясь на паре фоток, почему нет? Вдруг кому-то будет интересно?